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DNA Test in Badoi, UP

DNA Forensics Laboratory has a promise of excellence and quick results. It is now opening up its collection centers all over India. DNA Test in Badoi can now be done effortlessly. You can also avail free counseling and find out the type of test that suits your needs. While some are done for peace of mind, others are done by order from court. Immigration, crime cases and other related issues have become easier with DNA Testing facility in Badoi. It can be done for paternity, maternity and sibling-ship tests also.

We perform DNA tests for peace of mind like Paternity DNA Test, Maternity DNA Test, Paternity Trio DNA Test, Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test, DNA Profiling Test and Sibling-ship Test. We also do DNA test for legal purposes. These results may be produced in the court for conclusions. Some of these tests include court approved Paternity DNA Test, Court approved Maternity DNA Test, Court approved Paternity Trio DNA Test, Court approved DNA Profiling Test, Court approved Sibling-ship DNA Test and Court approved DNA Immigration Test.

Our testing laboratory is accredited by NABL and follows a transparent protocol in samples collection and provides DNA profiling test reports. The samplers at DFL go through extensive training to make sure the fast and accurate results.

For paternity and maternity cases, we provide express DNA test results in two configurations, namely the same day and the next day with additional fees. For this service, you must visit our laboratory located in New Delhi or visit one of our collection centers for the supply of your DNA samples. The same day and the next day condition will apply when we receive your DNA samples at our Delhi laboratory, Transit timings won’t be accounted for.

For more inquiry on DNA tests in Badoi, UP, please fill the below form or call us. Our executives will take care of your every problem. Phone: +91 8010177771 or whatsapp: +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA test in Badoi, UP

Maternity DNA test in Badoi, UP

Relationship DNA test in Badoi, UP

Immigration DNA test in Badoi, UP

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    DNA Test in Badoi, UP
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