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Testimonial #8

Our 16-year old daughter went into bad company and we could not imagine she was on drugs! Thanks to DFL, we were able to act at the right time. After just a few weeks of counseling, we are a happier family now!

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Testimonial #7

Amazing are God’s ways. The person who had once fought a 2 year legal battle against me for our daughter is now a proud and loving father… Thanks to DFL who have made all this possible and also for providing me much needed counseling.

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Testimonial #6

I am thankful to DNA Forensics Laboratories to have helped me join my real parents, finally after an un-ending quest of 14 long years. I am now happily staying with my biological father in my own property at Ghaziabad.

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Testimonial #5

Immediately after passing away of my father an unknown person put a claim on our ancestral properties. He was declaring himself as my father’s son from his un-solemnized marriage. Hats off to DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd the claim was rejected in the court, after DNA reports rejected his alleged and baseless claims. My family […]

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Testimonial #4

Thanks primarily to the forensic DNA tests I was able to get rid of my habit of drinking, which was putting adverse effects on me and my unborn baby. Once I realized that my drinking alcohol was affecting my baby’s health, I quit this habit to ensure my baby’s well-being.

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Testimonial #3

My mother and my maternal- grandmother had a family history of ovarian cancer. So I was very skeptical about whether me too have the same or not? Thanks to genetic tests I was able to clear this doubt as the result of this report (DNA) was negative. Now I am living cheerful, productive and stress-free […]

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