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DNA Tests for IVF and Surrogacy Babies

DNA Tests for IVF and Surrogacy Babies

During the past decade and a half, the infertility rate has increased among the couples which is the main cause of an unsuccessful conception leaving couples unable to have a child. IVF, or In-Vitro fertilization is a widely accepted technique in the fertility-cum-maternity centers or hospitals, for giving such couples the opportunity to have a […]

Accredited DNA Testing In India and Why It is mandatory?

It’s more than three decades since the first DNA test was done by Sir Alec Jeffreys in 1989. The test was done for the investigation of a rape and murder case. Accredited DNA Testing is required in legal, institutional and medical matters. A DNA test is useful in variety of modern day applications which includes: Relationship […]

Introducing First Time In India The Express DNA Testing Services Know More