Hereditary Cancer Gene Panel Test

Genetic Testing for Cancer – A Vital Tool for Assessing Cancer Risk!

Do you have a cancer patient on your paternal or maternal side of relatives? If so, you might be at risk. Cancer, a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth, can be caused by various factors, including genetic mutations. While many cancers occur sporadically, there are instances where cancer is hereditary. Cancer itself cannot be passed […]

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DNA Test for Donor Relationship in India

Uncovering the Mohali Kidney Transplant Scam – The Crucial Role of Organ Transplant DNA Tests!

Recently, a shocking incident of an organ transplant case came to light. This is the case of a 28-year-old man named Kapil from Sirsa. Kapil allegedly sold his kidney to a person from Sonipat with kidney failure by making fake documents. Abhishek, who is the transplant coordinator of a private hospital in Jawaharpur, Mohali, helped […]

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Why Do You Need A DNA Test for Immigration Purposes?

DNA testing technologies are being implemented in areas that extend beyond the field of medicine to address social and legal problems. An emerging example is the implementation of DNA testing in the family petitioning process in immigration policy. An Immigration DNA test establishes the biological relationship between the applicant (beneficiary) and the sponsor (petitioner). In […]

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Hair Drug Testing Services in India

Dealing With Addictions? Opt for Hair Drug Testing Services in India!

Addiction is such a complicated issue. The question of what causes and defines it remains somewhat unsettled. The psychology behind addiction covers many grounds: whether it is an effect of lifestyle and childhood, disease or a personal failing; family history & socioeconomic demographics; and the dozens of other factors that can’t be accounted for or […]

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DNA test in India

Looking For DNA Testing Services in India? Go Through Our Checklist First Before Choosing a Lab!

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, contains the instructions for organisms to develop, survive, and reproduce. It can be found inside every cell and passed down from parents to their offspring. A DNA test can have numerous applications, and it’s up to your requirement for which purpose you opt. The DNA test not only confirms a person’s […]

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