Court approved Maternity DNA test

Maternity-Test-LegalA mother may need to prove her biological relationship with the child for several different reasons such as immigration or family court cases. While dealing with such circumstances, we serve as a trusted source for the clients to fully ascertain whether the woman in question is the birth mother of the child or not. Our legal maternity testing services are affordable and ensure 99.999% accuracy.

Reasons why Legal Maternity Test is required


There will be a chance that you need to submit your maternity test results as evidence of the claimed biological relationship while relocating or traveling from one country to another.


In such situation, a maternity test is required as evidence to fully ascertain whether the woman in question is the birth mother of the child. Here, you need to go through proper process followed in maternity test for legal purposes.

Hospital child swapping

In case you need to confirm any doubts in a child swap situation than a maternity test is the best DNA test option available. This situation could have occurred in a birth of a child in hospitals.

In-vitro Fertilization

It is a type of assisted reproductive technology where an egg and a sperm are fertilized outside the body and the embryo then placed into uterus. In some cases, a maternity test might be sought to confirm that the right embryo was implanted.

Maternity DNA Testing in legal cases is conducted upon approval from the honorable courts as per government norms. For more information, browse the website further. We have special guidance available for surrogacy-cases, for which, you may discuss your particular case with any of our experts. Feel free to fix up an appointment with us by calling us at: +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771.

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Court approved Maternity DNA test
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