Signature Verification Forensic Test For Investigation of Frauds & Forgeries

What is A Signature Verification Test?

The signature of a person is unique to him/her, just like a fingerprint and DNA. Technically, the signature is a part of one’s unique handwriting. If the signature on a document is faked (forged) by someone, a signature verification forensic test can be used to find out . The signature verification itself is an extension of the Handwriting Examination tests and is helpful in many cases, requiring authentication of legal documents, bank cheques, and the likes.

What Forms the Basis for a Signature Verification Forensic Test?

Every person writes differently, so does he or she signs. There are patterns, applied pressure, strokes, curves, etc., which are unique to every individual’s handwriting and signature. There would always be some natural variation associated with the handwriting and signature. Howsoever masterfully done, a forensic expert can easily detect faked signatures.

A signature is a symbolic representation of consent to agree to the document signed. By signing a document, agreement, etc., we agree to the terms and are legally bound to them. Hence, it may bring forth unwelcomed situations, which can often lead to litigations and other legal consequences. Hence, it is important to get a signature verification test, even in case of the slightest doubt.

Signature Verification Forensics Test

Type of Signature Forgeries

The following are the common types of signature forgeries.

Normal Forgery

Usually, in this case, the writer writes someone else’s name. Usually, it is not an attempt to copy the signature, and any resemblance is coincidental.


The writer usually constructs these signatures by practice and skill. They may be similar to genuine signatures.


Traced forgeries are usually created by

  • Transmitted light
  • Carbon intermediate
  • Pressure indented

How Does a Signature Verification Forensic Test Determine the Variations?

Forgery is a crime. The signature may be valid, but how it has been acquired may be fraudulent. In such scenarios, it can be called fraud, not a forgery. At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we use the latest and most sophisticated methods of signature verification for accurate results.

A signature has most of the features of one’s handwriting. It is an extension of handwriting and said to have formations and not alphabets. A person may try and be successful in copying someone’s signature, but there will always be variations. Though these variations may not be visible to inexperienced eyes, our signature verification forensic experts can easily and accurately detect them.

The forger may start or stop bluntly or with undue emphasis. These small details may not be visible to a layman. Normally, a signature starts and stops dynamically. This leaves a tapered look at the beginning and end. In some cases, microscopic tremors can be detected when the pen moves slowly and the writer hesitates in their mind.

In the case of a fraud signature, the accused may even try to rewrite and fix up some mistakes. Our experts can also differentiate between the signatures of an aged writer since they also show similar traits. This is called auto forgery. Auto forgery cases can also be solved where the person denies his own signature.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory for a Signature Verification Forensic Test in India?

At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we are providing accurate and reliable Signature Verification Forensics Tests at affordable pricing. Our Signature Verification experts can accurately identify the differences between the original and a forged signature. Here, we help you to check and prove the authenticity of signatures and to detect and analyze forgery in signatures.

Please feel free to call our forensics expert for any queries. You can also book your Signature Verification Forensic Test by calling us at +91 8010177771, or you can leave us a WhatsApp message at: +91 9213177771.

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