Forensic Tests

Forensic Test Services are for gathering the data for analysis, which may be used in legal proceedings. This legal aspect requires a special way of handling samples. Great care is taken while conducting the forensic tests. The staff receives a special training that is pertinent to both laboratory science and legal aspects.

We provide insight you can rely on. We have screened thousands of documents including employee documents, passports, agreements, license, identity cards, pan cards or any document to check its authenticity.

We have successfully done thousands of employee verifications. This also includes handwriting examination, document examination and certificate verification.

Our experts check the authenticity of the photograph and scrutinize and match the features. Scrutiny of blurred pictures, edited photographs, verification of digital photographs, verification of photograph on will, verification of photographs from negatives, examination and recognition of photograph from CCTV footage is also undertaken.

We also verify the certificates of all kind by using various methods, principles, and modern techniques.

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