Hair Alcohol Testing

Hair Test for Alcohol Detection

  • For children living away from home, in boarding school/hostels, etc.
  • Long-term alcohol consumption habits or history can be determined.
  • Rapid turnaround times for Quick Results
  • Easy Sample collection Pan-India by our Sample Collection Agents
  • Free sample collection at our localized collection centers in all major cities of India.

The Hair test for alcohol is a type of alcoholism test. It can be the solution for parents and others who doubt their loved ones may be involved in alcoholism. Breakdown of alcohol into two different metabolites, namely EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide) and a fatty acid ethyl ester (FAEE) Ethyl Palmitate or EtPa. EtG and EtPa serve as the foundation of Hair Alcohol testing. These metabolites are called Alcohol Biomarkers and are absorbed into the hair strands via different routes. The level of these alcohol biomarkers in the hair signifies the extent of alcohol consumption in the individual and serves as the basis for the Alcohol Detection Test.

Due to the different natures of these metabolites and their response to various factors, testing both EtG and EtPa is necessary for a conclusive result (of the Hair Test for Alcohol) supported by the individual results.

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After drug consumption, the metabolites are absorbed in the hair strand via the roots, that is, the hair follicles, and can be present there for a few months. For this reason, the hair samples are collected from as near to the scalp as possible. On the other hand, in the case of Alcohol consumption, the metabolites are found along the entire length. Therefore, segmentation of the hair should be avoided for an Alcohol Detection Test.

Overview analysis

The Hair Test for Alcohol can be a way out of worry for people doubting about a family member being involved in alcohol consumption or addiction. At DNA Forensics Laboratory, we follow the SoHT consensus (Society of Hair Testing) for the cut-off levels for Hair Alcohol tests.

For hair Alcohol testing, around two hundred (200) individual hair strands are required. The total width/girth of the hair strands together roughly equals the width/girth of a pencil. A minimum of a 3-centimeter section is taken from the nearest of the scalp for the EtG and EtPa tests. Depending upon the length of the hair strands, the Hair Alcohol test is able to give an overview of chronic or excessive alcohol consumption in a person over a period of 3-6 months.

Alternative Hair Samples Alcohol Test

Though head hairs are the most viable and easily accessible samples for Hair Alcohol Testing, other body hairs can also be used as samples, like chest, leg, arm, and beard hairs. The time data (for a specific period of alcohol consumption) can only be determined after measuring the length of the hair received from these body parts.

Pan-India Sample Collection

DNA Forensics Laboratory is working with its 400+ sample collection centers throughout India. You can walk into one of our collection centers and give your sample for the test. In the second option, you can opt for a Home-collection of the sample. We will send one of our collection agents to your preferred address and collect the sample.

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