Peace of Mind DNA test

For those of you who have doubt regarding your parenthood due to one reason or the other. The DNA testing is there to offer you complete peace of mind. Peace of mind DNA test in India offers range of DNA tests to check your biological parents. There is the paternity test to trace your biological father, in this test sample of alleged father and the offspring are taken. Then DNA portion of the mother is removed from the DNA sample of child. Now the child and alleged fathers’ DNA sample are evaluated, if they match the alleged father is declared biological father of the child. Similar is the maternity DNA testing which is used to confirm biological motherhood (in it DNA sample of mother and child is compared).

DNA forensic laboratory offers advanced peace of mind DNA test in India in addition to conventional maternity and paternity DNA tests. That is the prenatal DNA tests to check out paternity status and genetic mutational disorder in expected baby. Then there are half sibling-ship and full sibling-ship confirmation tests available based on DNA indexing criteria. Half sibling-ship test is used to check whether two individuals have at least one parent in common among the married couple (either mother or either father) or not. Full sibling-ship test check out whether two persons are real siblings.


Note: Mother involvement in all our peace of mind paternity tests are highly recommended.

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