Genetic Tests

Genetic DNA tests have the ability to check or diagnose a whole range of medical problems prior to child-birth in the child. In addition to prenatal genetic test post natal genetic test have ability to diagnose genetic inheritance and risk to be affected. Genetic DNA tests in India has proved its worth in just a few years time period. In case you want to confirm your parenthood for going abroad but lack sufficient documents related to parenthood for immigration clearance. Just opt for this genetic DNA test and get rid of all the hassles.(Y-chromosome testing for checking paternal genes, and mitochondrial testing to confirm maternal genes presence).

The other area where this genetic testing finds its application is in the field of diagnosing pre-birth mutational diseases in developing babies (or embryo). Disorders like Alzheimer, Down’s syndrome and many other similar one’s can be traced through genetic testing. Presence of BRAC1 AND BRAC2 mutated gene can be configured in a person, with genetic testing (which can later on cause ovarian and breast cancer). Genetic DNA tests India is beyond doubt a ray of light for those who are in need of it.


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