Legal Y-STR Analysis to Trace Paternal Lineage

Legal YSTR ProfilingY-DNA test, or the Y-chromosome DNA test, is a male-specific genealogical test used to uncover a man’s patrilineal or direct father’s line ancestry. To better understand this test’s concept, you first need to know about the Y chromosome and what YSTR analysis is.

The Y chromosome is the 23rd chromosome. The male receives one X chromosome from the mother (who has two X chromosomes) and a Y chromosome from the father (who has one X & one Y chromosome). Y chromosomes do not change unless they are altered by mutation. However, if there is no alteration, then the same Y chromosome your great-grandfather inherited from his father would have passed on to your father and finally to you.

By the YSTR analysis method, a male’s YDNA is tested to find our specific genetic markers pointing his male ancestry to a specific population group. This method is also called YSTR Profiling, and it serves as the tool for paternal lineage testing. When done for a legal matter, this test is called a Legal YSTR Analysis or a YSTR profiling test. If a female wishes to establish paternal lineage, she would need to ask a biological male relative to do Y-STR test on her behalf.

YSTR Profiling – What Makes it Desirable?

Scientists prefer YSTR profiling technique as it is highly accurate and almost always produces conclusive results. As a result, the YSTR testing report is also highly reliable. The accuracy and reliability of a YSTR analysis test report are also due to the fact that the mutation rate for the Y chromosome is very low. The same makes this test ideal for tracing the direct father’s ancestral line.

Therefore, if two males want to know if they share the same biological father, but the alleged father cannot participate in the DNA test, then the YSTR test is the way to go. However, it cannot tell the nature of the relationship between the tested males, like immediate brothers, first cousin brothers (paternal uncle’s sons), father, or grandfather.

Applications of Legal Y-STR Profiling

A legal Y-chromosome test is a genetic test that is legally admissible and can be used as evidence in court.

Here are some of the applications of YSTR profiling:
  • Paternal Lineage Identification – One of the primary advantages of Y-chromosome testing is that it can be used to trace paternal lineage. Because the Y-chromosome is passed down exclusively from father to son, a Y-chromosome test (YSTR Profiling) can identify genetic markers unique to a particular paternal lineage. This information can be used to trace a family tree, determine a male ancestral origin, and in this case, establish the biological father’s identity as proof in a legal matter.
  • Organ Transplant Cases – YSTR testing is used in organ transplant cases to confirm the biological relationship between the donor and the recipient. According to the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA), 2014, if a patient with organ failure is to receive a healthy organ, like a kidney or liver, from one of his or her close relatives, they must undergo a DNA test to confirm their biological relationship with the living donor.
  • Legacy Planning – A legal YSTR testing test can be used to determine the biological relationship between potential heirs and the deceased. This can help avoid inheritance disputes and ensure that assets are distributed according to the wish of the deceased.
  • Adoption Case – In cases of adoption, a legal Y-chromosome test can be used to establish the biological relationship between an adopted male child and their birth father. This can be important for medical reasons and for the child’s sense of identity.
  • Criminal Investigations – A legal YSTR Profiling test can also be used in criminal investigations to identify male suspects or victims. By comparing the Y-DNA with that of potential suspects or victims, law enforcement can narrow down the list of possible suspects and build a stronger case.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory for Y-STR Test?

At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we are the only Indian company to provide Legal Y-STR analysis tests. We have done cases for armed forces and law-enforcement agencies also. Our testing facility is NABL accredited, and we maintain the highest degree of accuracy in our tests and test reports. Besides, we are the leading private company to offer accredited Peace of Mind DNA tests and lineage testing, including paternal lineage DNA tests, using the YSTR profiling technique.

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