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The Urine Pot Drug Test Cup is a ready-to-use kit for easy and accurate drug testing at home. This 14-panel Drug Testing Cup has integrated temperature strips detecting the presence of different drugs in the urine sample.

The Urine Pot Drug Test Cup

  • Easy to use and carry.
  • Can be used conveniently & confidentially at home.
  • Sturdy build, avoiding spillage or leakage.
  • Comes integrated with temperature strips.
  • Quick results within 5 minutes approx.
  • The kit has a long shelf life of twelve months.
  • Detects Cocaine, Meth, Ecstacy (MDMA), and more.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory?

At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we are providing a world-class Drug Testing Kit for easy and accurate home drug testing for different drugs. Here is why to choose the 14-panel Urine Pot Drug Testing Cup.

  • Reliability of NABL accreditation
  • Accuracy of test results up to 99%
  • No handling of urine
  • Rugged Kit Packing with a leakproof cap
  • Results in just 5 minutes
  • Long Shelf life of 12 months

Accurate & Reliable Home Drug Testing Kit by DNA Forensics Laboratory

DNA Forensics Laboratory (Pvt.) Ltd. is offering a complete 14 Panel Drug testing cup with a fully integrated Home Drug Test Kit cum Screening Kit. The kit is packed in tamper-proof packing with a rugged, spill-proof, and durable lid that prevents leakage.

For the reasons of simplicity, sample safety, the effectiveness of the test, and reliability of the results, our 14-panel Drug testing cup is preferred by thousands all over India.


  • Easy to use
  • Confidential
  • Spill/Leakproof cap
  • Integrated temperature strip included
  • Avoids dipping, tilting, or touching
  • Long 12-month shelf life of the kit
  • Results in 5 minutes

Have a Doubt if your loved ones may be taking drugs? Get your Peace of Mind by Doing a Home Drug Test!

Urine Pot Drug Test Kit

Our Home Drug Test Kit is a high-quality kit with a 14-Panel Drug Testing feature. It’s a completely self-contained drug screening kit using a urine sample. It’s highly effective and accurate and can detect a number of different drugs. A tamper-proof design and durable make removes any chances of sample or result compromise.

This Urine Pot Drug Test Kit is reasonably priced with an accuracy of result up to 99%.

Drugs detected by Our Home Drug Testing Kit

Tramadol (TRA)
Chill Pills, Trammies, Ultras
Cannabis (THC)
Weed, Grass, Pot
Amphetamine (AMP)
Buprenorphine (BUP)
Strips, Oranges
Methamphetamine (MET)
Crystal Meth or Ice
Phencyclidine (PCP)
Angel Dust
Barbiturates (BAR)
Phennies, Reds, Yellows
Benzodiazepines (BZO) Methadone (MTD/EDDP)
Meth, Dollies, Methadose, Jungle Juice
Opiates (OPI/MOR)
Smack or White Stuff
Propoxyphene (PPX)
Footballs, Pinks
Cocaine (COC)
Coke, Crack
Ketamine (KET)
Cat Valium, Jet, K, Special K, Green

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