What is the procedure to conduct a Signature/documents verification test and what formalities are required?

Ans: - If you are looking for a signature/documents verification test,you can come to our office or upload / share the related documents to our registered mail id info@dnaforensis.in

Once we receive the documents, we will verify them and ask you to fill a self-declaration form and submit one of your valid government ID to the same mail id.

What are the samples required for signature / document / thumb impression test?

Ans: - For signature verification / document verification or thumb impression test, the questioned or suspected document / signature / or thumb impression are to be shared over the mail or in person along with the document/ signature/ or thumb impression having admitted.

How accurate are the test results?

Ans:-The test result are most accurate as the tests are performed by experts who are working with honorable courts and Indian judiciary as experts. The experts are highly educated in core subjects (Forensic Science) and are training from renowned government organizations such as Delhi State Forensic Science Laboratory and other private organizations.

How long does it take to get the results?

Ans:-We guarantee results in 4-5 working days from receipt of samples at our laboratory. A shorter turnaround time of 2 working days or less can be arranged for an additional charge (speak to Expert +91 9289867771). Some tests can take a longer period of time, which depends upon the numbers of documents or number of suspected samples present which are to be analyzed.

How will I receive my test results?

Ans:- The test results will be sent by a registered mail to the address provided, unless an email is sent to registered email id, we also ship the results to a different address. As a rule we do not give results over the phone, unless we have made prior arrangements with you to do so.

How do I interpret the Test report?

Ans:-In the vast majority of cases the tests produce an unambiguous result. Either the suspected sample clearly matches with the admitted sample or the admitted sample does not matches with the suspected sample at all. Each of the letters/ graphical representation/ visual factors in handwriting / documents / signatures are analyzed separately and individually to interpret results.


Can my results be used in court?

Ans: - Yes, the results are admissible in honorable courts under section 45 A of Indian Evidence Act 1872

Are the results confidential?

Ans:-Yes! Your results will be confidential and released only to the authorized person. You can get report only on your registered email and address.

How do you collect sample if the interested parties live in different cities or states?

Ans:- The samples are very easy to collect as we have all the options. You can either visit our associated office located in all major cities, or upload scanned documents to our registered mail id or samples can also be couriered to our registered office in Delhi.

Why should I choose DNA Forensics Laboratory?

Ans:-DNA Forensics Laboratory has India’s first & most trusted DNA and forensics testing services provider laboratory. Our advantages translate into accurate, reliable and accredited testing and top-quality customer service for you. To name just a few:
*We are the only laboratory in India to analysis every test twice for 100% accuracy.
* We have more locations across the India and have sampling facility around the world more than any other service provider.
* We provide services with the best expertise having professional of Handwriting and Documents/ signature field. We have our staff trained from Delhi state forensics sciences laboratory that has in hand experience on live cases.

What are the modes of payments?

Ans:- We have all the options available regarding payments

  • User can visit to our website for online payments.
  • User can directly deposit cash or cheque to our official Bank current account.
  • User can courier the cheque in favour of DNA FORENSICS LABORATORY.
  • User can pay in cash to our registered office and can have a valid receipt.