Legal DNA tests

Due to their accuracy and precision the legal DNA tests in India have made their presence felt. Now even the judiciary endorses DNA tests from us in order to settle disputes pertaining to paternity and maternity conflicts. DNA samples of alleged father, mother and child are evaluated in order to check blood relations this is known as paternity DNA testing. On the same line maternity DNA testing is carried out to know mother of the kid.

Apart from the traditional paternity and maternity DNA confirmation testing, there are half-sibling-ship and full-sibling-ship tests available based on DNA indexing range. Half sibling-ship test is carried out to ascertain whether the given child is genetically connected with other child or not. In other words, do the two children have common father or common mother (i.e. either father or either mother, not both). Full-sibling DNA test check out whether two children have common parent or not (do both kids share similar genetic pool or not) by following indexing range result.

The legal DNA test in India is very much beneficial if one is applying for foreign immigration through his or her blood relative’s sponsorship (residing in that country). Particularly in case when applicant does not have adequate documents to prove his blood relation with that relative, the DNA test proves its worth. It is 99.99 to 100 percent correct.


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