Cell Line Authentication

Human Cell Line Authentication Testing Services – STR DNA Profiling

The rapid growth of cells for research and industrial purposes such as cell biology, genomics, and proteomics has increased the potential for cross contamination of cell cultures. The cell line authentication test helps to identify the relevancy of your query cell line with the reference standard, cross-contamination in your cell line if any, and the gender of a query cell line.

Our major clients are from research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies. STR DNA typing generates reproducible data that comply with guidelines set by the leading scientific organizations. We are generating STR profile by multiplex PCR followed by capillary electrophoresis in a genetic analyzer and obtained data then analyzed by GMIDX software.

  • Cell line authentication is required whenever a new cell line is established.
  • It should also be conducted before freezing at any time when the line is inconsistent.
  • The cells must be checked the condition whether more than one cell line is handled in a laboratory to avoid cross contamination.
  • The cells must also be checked before conducting a new experiment.
  • NIH/NCBI/ATCC/ICLAC recommends validation of cell lines for grant applications and journals.

We offer complete cell line authentication services using Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Profiling. It helps to detect misidentified, genetically drifted or cross-contaminated cells that invalidate research results. We offer reliable, affordable and fast human cell line authentication services to assist the scientific associations for accurate specimens used for research purposes.

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