DNA test for Child Swap in Hospitals

Hospital Child Swap DNA TestingIt is a sad fact that babies are swapped at birth. This leads to a psychological damage to both mother and child. In certain cases the parents come too immediately but in many cases the mistake is not realized for years.

The matter must be solved as early as possible since the early stages are the ones where the mother develops a relation with the child. The parents always remain in doubt.

Now, with the introduction of DNA test in child swapping case, it has become very easy to determine the real parents. The parents remain disturbed throughout their lives. They were always in doubt but did not have any authentic proof to prove their say.

Every person looks forward to this happy moment of becoming a parent. They desperately wait for this joyous moment but it turns into sorrow when they doubt that the child has been swapped.

This could be a deliberate effort by the nurses or the hospital staff. This could also happen by mistake or negligence. Child swapping is quite common these days. However you can find out the real parents by a simple DNA Test with alleged mother and the intended infant. Here we recommend a Paternity trio test.

During the process of DNA maternity test, a child’s DNA is compared with that of the alleged mother to determine how likely it is that the child has inherited the DNA from the alleged mother. A child inherits half of the chromosomes from each of the parents. All mitochondrial genes are inherited only from the mother. Thus a child receives only close to half of the genes from the father and a little bit more than half of the genes from the mother.

In Paternity trio we take both the parents’ DNA samples along with the child to give the conclusive results. When the laboratory has DNA samples from both the mother and the alleged father, it can cancel out the mother’s contribution to the child’s DNA profile and focus solely on the alleged father’s. By doing so, the lab can more readily verify whether the alleged father is the biological father of the child or not.

Child swapped cases in hospital is sometimes due to miscommunication from hospital staff to parents and this creates a doubt in their mind.

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Since the peace of mind test samples are not collected under a strict chain of custody or on order of honorable court by a third neutral party and the Laboratory cannot verify the origin of the samples, this test result may not be defensible in a court of law for the establishment of paternity/relationship and other legally related issues. The tested parties’ names that may appear on this report have been provided by the client and cannot be verified. The laboratory assumes no responsibility for incorrect or misspelled patient information.

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