DNA Test Cost in India

Gurgaon: It is quiet surprising to know that confused women and doubtful men are now buying ‘peace of mind’ at just Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000, literally. This is not happening due to a new phenomenal therapy available in our country but because of just a simple DNA test called ‘peace of mind’. For men doubting on their wives’ quality of being faithful, and women who are not sure about the child’s father are also getting peace of mind DNA Tests.

In 2007, a 28-year-old man was propelled from obscurity to relative importance when he turned to the Delhi High Court to seek a public acknowledgement of paternity from a senior leader of Congress Party, Mr. N.D. Tiwari. Rohit Shekhar, who said that he is child of an affair that was between his mother and Mr. Tiwari, he spent five years forcing the politician (Mr. N.D. Tiwari) to take a DNA test, when he dint find any relief from Mr. Tiwari he took his case all the way to the Supreme Court, Supreme court ruled it in Mr. Shekhar’s favor.

The high-profile nature of the DNA relationship cases have contributed solely in public’s growing awareness about the role of DNA in establishing biological relationships, and now a day’s paternity tests are much more convenient, with private accredited labs offering home paternity testing kits for 10,000 rupees or more, without any need of court permission. A person can swab the inside of a child’s mouth at home with paternity test kit, send the samples of both father and child back to the lab and receive the report within one week.

Determinants of DNA Test cost in India

The test is very simple. It requires painless noninvasive swab samples or blood sample of the child and either parent to confirm if they are biologically related. However, the results of these tests cannot be challenged in courts as they are not legally valid. Our marketing team provided us with the information that they have been getting around 100 such paternity test requests every month. The DNA Test Cost in India is between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 and the test reports are handed over within a week. Cost basically depends on the type of the test. DNA labs Forensics also maintain confidentiality; we can also send ‘paternity test kits’ to the customer’s address and customer can courier it back with the swab samples.

“Most of the clients prefer sending their swab samples to lab rather than going for tests to labs. Those who lives in the same city of our collection centers, either they ask for paternity test kits or they call us to their homes for confidential samples by paying extra sample collection charges” Says Our C.E.O.

It’s an unusual trait (not matching with father) in the child that makes the father suspicious. It could be the eccentric appearance of the child with the wife’s ex-boyfriend or when a child’s height is much taller than the rest of the family. Nidhi, Client coordinator at DNA Forensics Laboratory, cites the example of a city-based family that approached us for a DNA test as the husband found the child’s complexion a few shades darker than the rest of the family.

People have a variety of reasons for ordering paternity tests from private labs, but some DNA testing centers say that many clients are doubting fathers or men who are seeking to end their marriage due to extra marital affairs, and these are the people who are creating a negative impact on whole DNA testing process.

DNA Forensics Laboratory- Accurate Report & Affordable DNA Test Price in India

We can conduct legal DNA tests if client have a order from court or authority. Researches have proved that it is absolutely important to even take the DNA sample of the mother otherwise the test result is not 100% correct. So, in these types of cases we take samples of all involved party, Father, Mother and child. While motherless paternity test requires additional testing and analysis to produce conclusive results.

After GST implementation, we updated DNA test cost in India. See below updated price list for DNA test.

Peace of mind tests
Paternity (no maternal involvement) 12000 (Test Cost) + 2160 (GST) – 14160 INR
Paternity (with maternal involvement) 18000 (Test Cost) + 3240 (GST) – 21240 INR
Maternity 12000 (Test Cost) + 2160 (GST) – 14160 INR
Additional Person (1 other, e.g. second child) 6000 (Test Cost) + 1080 (GST) – 7080 INR
Sibling ship 18000 (Test Cost) + 3240 (GST) – 21240 INR
Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity 9 week onward 120000 (Test Cost) – 120000 INR
Identification Profiling 8000 (Test Cost) + 1440 (GST) – 9440 INR
DNA test for Child Swap in Hospitals 12000 (Test Cost) + 2160 (GST) – 14160 INR
Grand- Parent test 18000 (Test Cost) + 3240 (GST) – 21240 INR
Avuncular test 20000 (Test Cost) + 3600 (GST) – 23600 INR
mt DNA Analysis 25000 (Test Cost) + 4500 (GST) – 29500 INR
YSTR Analysis 25000 (Test Cost) + 4500 (GST) – 29500 INR
Infidelity 18000 (Test Cost) + 3240 (GST) – 21240 INR
Identification Profiling 8000 (Test Cost) + 1440 (GST) – 9440 INR
 Tests with Chain of Custody
Paternity (without mother) 24000 (Test Cost) + 4320 (GST) – 28320 INR
Paternity (with mother) 36000 (Test Cost) + 6480 (GST) – 42480 INR
Maternity 24000 (Test Cost) + 4320 (GST) – 28320 INR
Sibling ship 30000 (Test Cost) + 5400 (GST) – 35400 INR
Additional Person (1 other, e.g. second child) 12000 (Test Cost) + 2160 (GST) – 14160 INR
Avuncular test 30000 (Test Cost) + 5400 (GST) – 35400 INR
Grand- Parent test 30000 (Test Cost) + 5400 (GST) – 35400 INR
mt DNA Analysis 30000 (Test Cost) + 5400 (GST) – 35400 INR
YSTR Analysis 30000 (Test Cost) + 5400 (GST) – 35400 INR
Immigration 36000 (Test Cost) + 6480 (GST) – 42480 INR
Identification Profiling 15000 (Test Cost) + 2700 (GST) – 17700 INR
Other tests
Noninvasive Prenatal test for Trisomy 21, 18 & 13 (NIPT) 24000 (Test Cost) – 24000 INR
Noninvasive Prenatal test for Trisomy 21, 18 & 13 (NIPT) with Microdelitions 30000 (Test Cost) – 30000 INR
Cell line Authentication for any cell line 12000 (Test Cost) + 2160 (GST) – 14160 INR
GPS Origins Ancestry Test 17000 (Test Cost) + 3060 (GST) – 20060 INR
BRCA 1 & 2 gene Mutation 24000 (Test Cost) – 24000 INR

For any further queries you can always contact us here for ask about DNA Test Cost in India or call us on our helpline number at +91-8010177771 (Calling), +91 9213177771 (WhatsApp).

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DNA Test Cost in India

15 thoughts to “DNA Test Cost in India”

  1. Yes, I agree – figuring out paternity is not rocket science especially when simple cheek swabs can serve the purpose

  2. It is realy surprising to know to find out peace without any therapy. Very good written. Keep writing and posted.

  3. I am looking forward to get DNA test for general health and specially if possible for level of color blindness

    1. Dear Mr. Vinod,
      Greetings from DNA Forensics Laboratory! Thank you for your inquiry. As requested I am detailing you about our basic DNA paternity trio test. We have centre in Jalandhar kindly confirm when you are planning for the test so that I can share you details.
      Paternity Trio Test (Alleged Father, mother and Child)
      Price: Rs. 16900/-* only father and child test charges will be Rs 12900.
      Additional Child: Rs 6000/-
      Buy test Online: http://www.dnaforensics.in/buy-dna-test-online/
      Testing: Alleged Father, mother and Child
      Timeframe: Within 4 – 5 working days from receipt of samples at our Laboratory in Gurgaon or New Delhi office.
      Paternity DNA testing from DNA Forensics Laboratory can help you finally put to rest any doubts about the paternity of your child with brilliant turnaround time, 100% accuracy and complete confidentiality and realizing it as most accurate testing method available via advanced technologies, DNA Paternity testing for Peace of Mind helps in indicating that whether or not a particular man is the biological father of a child.
      • Legal paternity testing on court order or Immigration purpose. Use this option when you need your paternity test results for any legal purpose. Legal DNA testing from DNA Forensics Laboratory Centre follows a strict chain of custody procedure, making your test results legally defensible. Our legal test results are often used in family law cases, such as child support or child custody disputes, as well as in immigration cases.
      Accuracy & Probability
      Genetic testing from DNA Forensics Laboratory is highly accurate because:
      • Your DNA test is run twice. Two teams independently process the samples for every case and compare their findings to ensure they are the same. This reduces the possibility of errors that can be caused by sample mix-ups and contamination, which can lead to a false exclusion (an inaccurate report that the tested man is not the father).
      • Our laboratory is India’s first state of the art DNA forensics laboratory. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest advancements in DNA testing technology.
      • Our DNA Testing services provider laboratory is accredited by the following: ISO/IEC 17025, NABL and CAP Certified. NABL quality standard ISO/IEC 17025 is similar international quality standards that are followed by AABB and NATA.

  4. is any other means to test paternity if the sample from a child cannot be taken using swabbing. Or is it possible to take the child’s hair as a sample? but the father’s mouth inside can be swabbed for the sampling purpose.

    1. Yes it is possible, we can take swab sample for father and rooted hairs for child, for further information please call at our helpline no – +91 8010177771.

  5. Is it possible to test the paternity through DNA between me and my brother’s son, as my brother is no more. Just to confirm that he is my brother’s son. What will be the total cost for the test. Kindly send the details through mail.

  6. Can we test paternity/Heredity of a child if father is no more but grandfather and his other son is live. How much it will cost. Thanks for your in advance

  7. Is it possible to do D N A testing from fetues to father during pregnancy of mother for example blood test ??

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