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Best DNA Lab in Accra, Ghana

With the advent of advanced genetic technologies, getting a DNA test in Accra is now easier. Residents of Accra can access accurate and reliable DNA testing services for familial relationship identification and other purposes. These tests aid in resolving paternity disputes, supporting legal claims, and diagnosing genetic conditions, thereby enhancing the integrity of legal proceedings and improving healthcare outcomes.

Types of DNA Tests Available in Accra

With advancements in the DNA testing technologies and commercialization, the demand as well as the availability of DNA testing services has increased. This facilitated a significant reduction in the DNA test cost in Accra and other parts of the world.

The below mentioned are various types of DNA tests to get:

  1. Paternity and Maternity Testing: Establishes biological relationships between parents and children.
  2. Forensic Investigations: Identifies suspects or victims in criminal cases and aids in solving crimes through genetic evidence.
  3. Ancestry and Genealogy: Traces lineage and ancestral origins, helping individuals understand their heritage.
  4. Medical Diagnostics: Identifies genetic disorders and predispositions, guiding personalized treatments and preventive healthcare.
  5. Immigration Cases: Verifies familial relationships for visa and residency applications.
  6. Adoption Cases: Confirms biological relationships or helps adopted individuals find biological relatives.
  7. Personal Identification: Used in disaster victim identification and resolving identity disputes.
  8. Scientific Research in Pharmaceuticals: Cell line authentication for identification and avoiding errors in using cell lines for different types of research/experiments. These tests are frequently used in drug development (pharmaceuticals) and vaccine development.

Why Choose Us?

At DNA Forensics Laboratory, we provide the best DNA testing services for various purposes. Here’s what makes us the best for DNA Tests in Accra:

  • Easy availability and affordable DNA test prices
  • Accurate and reliable reports
  • Easy sample collection options with an at-home sample collection facility
  • Fastest turnaround times with quicker report delivery time
  • Adherence to international quality standards (ISO 15189 for our Indian testing facility and ISO 17025 for our international partner lab).
  • Data safety and privacy

To learn more or book your DNA test, call us at +233 205911275 or WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA Test in Accra, Ghana

Maternity DNA Test in Accra, Ghana

Relationship DNA Test in Accra, Ghana

Immigration DNA Test in Accra, Ghana

DNA Test in Accra

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    Best DNA Lab in Accra, Ghana
    DNA Test in Accra, Ghana
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