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DNA Test in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Looking for DNA testing services in Karnataka? Good news! We are now offering accredited DNA tests in Bengaluru, (Bangalore) at the best and affordable prices. With a whole range of specialized DNA tests in our basket, we are offering convenient DNA testing for various purposes, all under one roof. This makes us one of the most preferred and opted DNA labs in Bangalore.

Here’s a guide on which DNA Tests in Bengaluru you can get, what decides the DNA Test cost in Bangalore, and what makes us the best DNA labs in Bangalore.

Types of DNA Tests in Bangalore

Deciding which DNA test to get depends largely on purpose, though other factors like the number of participants, the urgency of the case, etc., are also major determinants. These also decide the DNA Test price in Bangalore, or elsewhere for that matter.

The following are different types of DNA tests you can get for yourself in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka and India.

  • Paternity DNA Test Paternity Testing is done to establish the biological relationship between a child and the alleged father. You get the best Paternity DNA test cost in Bangalore at DNA Forensics Laboratory.
  • Maternity DNA Test – Maternity testing is done for people who want to establish the biological relationship between a child and the alleged mother.
  • Paternity Trip DNA Test – Paternity DNA testing, when done with the inclusion of the mother’s sample, is called a Paternity Trio Test. Due to the analysis of an additional DNA sample, a paternity Trio DNA Test price in Bangalore and India goes higher.
  • Prenatal Paternity DNA Test – We are the only DNA lab in Bangalore providing accredited Prenatal paternity testing (No Sex Determination) in India. This test is non-invasive and completely safe for the mother and the baby and is done to prove the biological relationship between an unborn baby and the alleged father. Prenatal DNA Test Price in Bangalore is on the higher side due to the sophistication involved. We provide the most competitive DNA test cost in Bangalore for prenatal paternity cases.

Besides the above-mentioned relationship DNA tests, you can also get a Siblingship DNA test, a Grandparentage, or an Avuncular DNA test at DFL at some of the most competitive DNA test prices in Bangalore and India.

Specialized DNA Tests in Bangalore

  • Immigration DNA Test – To prove the sponsor and beneficiary relationship for an immigration case.
  • Organ Transplant DNA Test (As Per THOA, 2014) – To establish the biological relationship between a living organ donor and the organ recipient.
  • Ancestry DNA Test – Specialized DNA testing to find information, like the origin of ancestors, migration, etc.
  • Cell Line Authentication – To identify and resolve issues like, misidentification, cross-contamination, and genetic drift of the cell line under study.

How to Get a DNA Test in Bangalore and Why Choose DNA Forensics Laboratory?

We have been the number one choice of Indian and international clients for various DNA tests. Now, with our Bangalore center, we are also providing our services to the residents of Bangalore and other parts of the state of Karnataka.

Factors that make us one of the most trusted and sought-after DNA labs in Bangalore are –

  • Home collection facility
  • Option to get your DNA testing kit online
  • Competitive DNA Test prices in Bangalore and India
  • 400+ collection centers India-wide
  • Fastest (4-5 days) report delivery
  • Express services (Next Day and Same Day Reporting)*

Contact us today to learn more or book your DNA test in Bengaluru. Call on +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp on +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA Test in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Maternity DNA Test in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Relationship DNA Test in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Immigration DNA Test in Bengaluru, Karnataka

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    DNA Test in Bengaluru, Karnataka
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