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DNA test in Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

DNA Forensics Laboratory with around 400+ collection centers, spreading its presence across India. We have launched a DNA test center in Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra for reliable and accurate DNA test results. We offer all types of DNA tests such as paternity, ancestry, genetics, siblingship, kinship, immigration and maternity DNA test with home sample collection facility.

DNA maternity test is used to determine the biological relationship between mother and child. We all inherit almost half of the genes from biological father and the half from the biological mother. DNA structure does not change once it is formed during conception. DNA maternity test compares child’s DNA strand with mother’s DNA strand to match half of the genes to be proved as the biological mother. It is the strongest proof to determine parentage in a case of disputes.

Applications of DNA maternity test

Immigration: DNA test can be considered as a proof of parentage for immigration cases when enough relationship documents are not available. It is the only non-documentary proof which is accepted to prove relationship for the immigration process.

  • Adoption: DNA maternity test is used sometimes in adoption cases as well.
  • Surrogacy: DNA maternity test is used in both types of surrogacy traditional and gestational.

We are the first in India to provide same day and second-day results for paternity and maternity DNA test, these Express Testing options can be availed with additional charges, and you have to provide your DNA samples directly to our Lab situated in New Delhi. If you cannot come to our Delhi lab, you can visit one of your nearest DFL sample collection centers and provide your DNA samples. For this situation, courier timings to reach sample at our Delhi lab would be extra.

DNA Forensics Laboratory’s DNA test center in Dadar offers home sample collection for all kind of DNA tests. Book your appointment today with the most trustworthy DNA testing laboratory @ +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA test in Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Maternity DNA test in Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Relationship DNA test in Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Immigration DNA test in Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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    DNA test in Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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    DNA test in Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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