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DNA Test in Kampala, Uganda

The capital Kampala is the largest, lively, creative, and ever-evolving heart of Uganda. It acts as the main business center in the country, with the top government offices at its center. With extensive research, incorporation of technology, and increasing demand, getting a DNA Test has become easy, accessible, and affordable around the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people use various DNA tests, including paternity and prenatal testing, maternity, grandparent, and sibling tests, to establish the biological relationship between two or more individuals. So, if you’re looking for the most reliable DNA Test in Kampala, DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., is the best option.

We are a reputable DNA lab in Kampala that provides the most affordable DNA test costs in Kampala. Furthermore, we offer embassy-approved Immigration DNA Tests in Kampala for nations like the UK, USA, Canada, France, etc.

For Which Relations Can You Get DNA Tests?

A DNA test can help explore various aspects of your genetic makeup in exciting ways. Depending upon the requirement, you can get DNA Testing in Kampala, Uganda, that best suits your need. Moreover, we offer our regular and specialized DNA tests under one roof. The following are the common applications of DNA tests:

    1. Peace of Mind DNA Test (POM) – This test can tell you whether any of your relatives or you are genetically related or not. Thereby, POM DNA can test the following relationships:
      • Paternity – Establishes the biological relationship of a child (or adult) with the alleged father.
      • Maternity – It is used to establish the biological relationship between a child & the alleged mother or vice versa.
      • Siblingship –A Full or a Half Sibling ship DNA test is used to establish the biological relationship between alleged siblings (brothers and/or sisters)
      • Avuncular – This DNA test can be administered between an alleged aunt/uncle and an alleged nephew/niece.
      • Prenatal Paternity – Establishing paternity of an unborn child (No Sex Determination) using non-invasive techniques.
      • Grandparentage – Grandparents to grandchildren relationship identification. It is used as a substitute for paternity or maternity DNA testing.
    2. Immigration DNA Test – For immigration purposes, proving the genetic relationship between the petitioner & the beneficiary is necessary. If the primary documents submitted by the visa applicant do not establish a biological relationship, the application may get rejected by an immigration/consular officer. Therefore, DNA testing has become mandatory in many countries to verify the biological relationship.
    3. Ancestry DNA Test – A reliable and accurate ancestry DNA test is just a click away if you are looking for an authentic lab. We are a leading DNA testing company for various DNA tests, including an Ancestry DNA Test in Kampala. Here, we provide different types of ancestry DNA tests with 100% accurate results.
      • Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – Paternal Lineage Test traces male origin using the Y-chromosome analysis passed exclusively from father to son. This lineage testing involves Y-STR analysis. It can reveal the Y haplogroup and thus suggest the geographic origin. Furthermore, a female can’t undergo this test as Y-chromosomes are only passed onto the male child. Instead, she can ask either her father, brother or other male relatives in the same paternal line to provide their DNA samples.
      • Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – It identifies genetic variations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Both male and female children inherit mitochondrial DNA from their mothers. This test traces the mtDNA haplogroup and reveals the geographical location where the mother’s side of ancestors belonged to.
      • GPS Origins Ancestry Test – This is the most advanced type of ancestry test. It can trace back your ancestry 1000 years back in time & can also pinpoint the near exact geographical location on the world map. This test also provides essential data about your forefather’s origin and their last three major migrations.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory for DNA Testing?

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.(DFL) is one of the most trusted companies to provide accurate, reliable, and accredited DNA Tests in Kampala at affordable prices. With our 400+ collection centers worldwide, you can visit your nearest collection center to give your DNA sample.

As a NABL-accredited testing facility, we provide highly accurate test reports. In addition, we offer the best DNA Test Price in Kampala, making our tests affordable and accessible for everyone. Alternatively, you can also order our DNA Test Kit Online.

Furthermore, we also offer different types of relationship identification DNA Tests in Jinja, Gulu and other cities of Uganda.

If you have any other questions about DNA Tests in Kampala, Uganda and want to book the test, call us at +256781370932 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA Test in Kampala, Uganda

Maternity DNA Test in Kampala, Uganda

Relationship DNA Test in Kampala, Uganda

Immigration DNA Test in Kampala, Uganda

DNA Test in Kampala

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    DNA Test in Kampala, Uganda

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