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DNA Test in Mumbai Maharashtra

DNA Testing is acquiring recognition all over the world. People are now aware that DNA testing can solve a lot of questions that remain unanswered otherwise. With a simple DNA test in Mumbai, our clients need not to worry for anything else. DNA Forensics laboratory private limited have a whole range of tests according to your needs. There are few tests that are done for peace of mind like paternity and maternity tests. They intensify the relationships. Some tests can be done for significant matters like cracking crime cases. Few can be done for immigration purpose as well. DNA test can also be done to find genetic history and also to find genetic disorders.

We also conduct sibling ship DNA test to check if the children are from the same parent or not, ancestry lineage to check family history or hereditary problems in the family. In case of immigration applications, we conduct embassy approved DNA tests for countries like UK, US and other countries when sufficient required documents are not presented.

Our technicians go through extensive training in order to ensure accuracy and quickness of results. The cost of DNA testing is cost-effective which are easily affordable by anyone.

For paternity and maternity cases, we provide express DNA test results in two configurations, namely the same day and the next day with additional fees. For this service, you must visit our laboratory located in New Delhi or visit one of our collection centers for the supply of your DNA samples. The same day and the next day condition will apply when we receive your DNA samples at our Delhi laboratory, Transit timings won’t be accounted for.

For DNA Test in Mumbai, Maharashtra, you can contact us by email, telephone, live chat, or you can even fix an appointment at: +91 8010177771 or whatsapp: +91 9213177771. To us, every client is unique and every case is different.


Paternity DNA test in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Maternity DNA test in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Relationship DNA test in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Immigration DNA test in Mumbai, Maharashtra

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    DNA Test in Mumbai Maharashtra
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