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Getting a DNA Test in Takoradi for Different Purposes

Takoradi city is a vital industrial and commercial hub in the southwestern Ghana. Located on the Gulf of Guinea, it serves as the capital of the Western Region. Looking at the dire need of accurate and reliable DNA testing in Takoradi in the area, we are now providing our DNA tests in the area for various purposes. If you are someone concerned about the availability and DNA Tests Cost in Takoradi, we are here to help you!

Types of DNA Tests in Takoradi

There are a number of DNA Tests you can get in Takoradi, depending on your specific needs. These include:

Relationship DNA Tests: We provide different peace-of-mind relationship DNA tests in Takoradi. These include:

  • Paternity DNA Test
  • Maternity DNA Test
  • Siblingship DNA Test
  • Grandparentage DNA Test
  • Avuncular DNA Test

Immigration DNA Test: If you are applying for an immigrant visa to settle with your relatives in a foreign country, immigration DNA test can help. These tests help as evidence confirming the biological relationship between the sponsor and the applicant.

Genetic Testing for Health & Wellness: By analyzing your DNA experts can look for specific genetic mutations, which may cause an inherited disease in you. Cancer & skin disease risk prediction, DNA-Based Diet customization and workout schedule are some of the key features of genetic tests.

Applications of DNA testing are vast. By contacting our experts, you can precisely know which DNA Test is ideal for you and get the right DNA Tests in Takoradi.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory?

Choosing DNA Forensics Laboratory for DNA Testing services in Takoradi ensures accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality. Here, we use advanced technology and follows international standards, providing results that are accurate, reliable and admissible in competent authorities like embassies.

With highly trained professionals, highly qualified scientists and advanced tech and methodologies, we offers the best DNA test services in the area.

We also provide accredited immigration DNA tests at reasonable DNA Test Cost in Takoradi. To learn more or book your DNA Test in Takoradi, call us at +233 205911275. You can also send us a message on our WhatsApp number +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA Test in Takoradi, Ghana

Maternity DNA Test in Takoradi, Ghana

Relationship DNA Test in Takoradi, Ghana

Immigration DNA Test in Takoradi, Ghana

DNA Test in Takoradi

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    Getting a DNA Test in Takoradi for Different Purposes
    DNA Test in Takoradi, Ghana
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