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DNA Forensics in The Court Room

DNA Forensics is the branch of science which deals with use of genetic material for investigations to answer questions related to legal cases. Over the past decade, the use of DNA forensics has become wide spread in archeology and solving legal cases. DNA testing or DNA fingerprinting is the process of deciding DNA characteristics of an individual called DNA profile which is likely to be  different in different individuals. Out of many techniques in DNA forensics, DNA profiling is used to identify the culprits or offenders in legal cases.

With the advancement in technology, new methods of DNA analysis has allowed scientists to analyze smaller and more degraded samples to create a DNA profile. This technique is also helpful in medical, genealogical research and parentage testing (clarifying paternity or Maternity of a child). DNA paternity testing involves DNA profiling to determine the biological relation between parent and child. Paternity test can also be performed on pregnant women.

Results of DNA paternity tests can be used as a evidence in legal courtrooms for child custody, support, inheritance, social welfare and benefits, immigration purposes, etc.

There is a clear law in some countries like U.S., Canada, Philippines, Australia, the UK, where paternity testing kits are available and parents can perform this test at home for their peace of mind. However the results of these home based tests are not admissible in the courts as evidence. Only a court ordered paternity test from Court accredited Labs is used as evidence in court proceedings. In India, there is no clear law for DNA testing and for legal purposes can only be performed by legal orders from the court through government Labs. However, due to high volume of such cases and limited number of govt. Labs, Court approved and legal paternity tests can be performed in private government  accredited Labs. There are numerous private DNA testing labs in India but DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt Ltd is the only Lab which is Professional and authentic  enough to provide Services to honorable courts.

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt Ltd have performed paternity test on the approval and recommendation of honorable court of Baloda bazar, Chhattisgarh where unmarried women was accusing a married man to be her child’s father.

We have also performed paternity test for Thane court where it was a case of child’s custody in biological father’s hands. DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt Ltd have also performed another test for the honorable Court of Gwalior where it was a case of sibling ship where a lady was denied to be sister by four brothers and also denied her involvement in ancestral property.

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt Ltd always need attorney or honorable court’s orders to conduct DNA testing. We always recommend mother’s involvement in all disputed, legal, personal paternity test to ensure the interest and welfare of child and mother.

For further legal DNA Test queries, please contact us or you may schedule an appointment with us by calling our helpline number: +91 9213177771 (WhatsApp) or +91 8010177771 (Call).

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