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DNA test in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

With 400 plus collection centers across India, DNA Forensics Laboratory Private Limited has launched its presence for DNA test in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Our DNA testing laboratory is accredited by NABL and Indian government for accurate and reliable DNA testing. We provide high-quality DNA test results with the latest technology, highly qualified staff and extensive molecular diagnostic network for different disorders on a laboratory scale.

Our broad range of DNA tests includes DNA paternity test, DNA maternity test, siblingship DNA test, kinship DNA test, genetic DNA test, immigration DNA test, DNA profiling, and DNA forensics. We conduct court-approved DNA tests and our test results are validated in India as well worldwide.

Everyone’s DNA is unique except for identical twins and it does not chance once formed at the time of conception. We inherit nearly half of genes from biological father and the half from the biological mother. In DNA maternity half of the child’s DNA are tested with alleged mother and in DNA paternity, half of the child’s DNA are tested with alleged father to detect biological relationships between Mother-child and father-child.

A genetic DNA testing is used to discover genetic diseases or disorders especially in the fetus or newborn. With the help of this analysis, one can prolong or prevent a possibility of genetic disease. In immigration visa process, DNA test is used to prove biological relationships when enough documented proofs are not present to prove a biological relationship.

We provide accurate and reliable DNA test results for all DNA tests in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. We offer home sample collection facility with same day appointment.

If you are in a hurry, we can expedite the DNA test results by providing same day or next day results at additional charges. You have to visit our testing lab in New Delhi for providing your DNA samples, and we are the only Lab in India to provide this facility. You can also visit any DFL sample collection center for providing your DNA samples. The same Day and Next Day facility Turnaround Time will be applicable after we receive your DNA samples at our Delhi lab.

For any kind of DNA test, contact us +91-8010177771 or please fill the form below and our executive will get in touch with you. To make an appointment and for any further queries, you can also WhatsApp us on +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA test in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Maternity DNA test in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Relationship DNA test in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Immigration DNA test in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

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    DNA test in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
    Shiv Parvati Building First Floor, Balikashram Road,
    Ahmednagar Maharashtra 414001
    Phone: +91 8010177771
    Email: info@dnaforensics.in
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