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DNA Test in Benin City, Nigeria

Edo State’s capital and oldest city, Benin City, is located in southern Nigeria. It is the 4th largest city in Nigeria after Lagos, Kano, and Ibadan. In Benin City, getting a DNA test has become much easier than before. A DNA test can reveal a lot of information and has several applications in today’s time. But, you might be thinking, who can take the benefits of a DNA test, and the answer is – everyone! If you are looking for a DNA test in Benin City, you can visit a certified DNA testing company and give your sample for the test. Alternatively, you can book a DNA test online and get a collection agent to collect your DNA from your home, office, or any other address. You can also purchase a DNA test kit online and take your sample by yourself.

How is a Home DNA Test Performed?

DNA Testing in Benin City has become an extremely simple process to undergo. Depending on the type of DNA tests you are performing and which company you are using, samples can be submitted as saliva or cheek swabs for a DNA test online.

Our DNA test kit online includes buccal swabs that must be rubbed against the inside of your cheeks. Then, the swabs must be left to air dry before being packaged in the discrete envelopes provided in the kit.

Following the consent form completion, place the envelope & form in another tamper-proof envelope that comes with the kit, printed with the address of the testing facility. Afterward, the packed samples must be sent by courier to the testing facility.

Types of DNA Tests to Book Online

Here are some common DNA tests you can always order. Just pinpoint the specific DNA information you want, and you’ll be able to purchase/order a test kit designed for it. However, the DNA test price in Benin City can vary depending on the specifications.

    1. Peace of Mind DNA Tests – It is done for information purposes (one’s satisfaction or peace of mind) and cannot be used as a piece of evidence for a legal matter, hence costing less.
      • Paternity Test
      • Maternity Test
      • Paternity Trio Test
      • Sibilingship Test
      • Grandparentage Test
      • Avuncular Test
      • Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (No Sex Determination)
    2. DNA Test for Immigration Pursuits – Often the submitted documents cannot prove the genetic relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary of immigration. This leads to visa refusal, thereby delaying the overall immigration process. To avoid such circumstances, it is recommended to get an Immigration DNA Test before applying for the visa and submit the DNA test report along with the primary documents. The DNA test price in Benin City may vary due to certain formalities and documentation and, thus, can vary from a regular peace of mind test.
    3. Ancestry DNA Test – If you are curious about your ancestral history, you can opt for the ancestry DNA Test. However, the DNA test cost in Benin City of these tests can significantly vary due to the type of information intended. You can acquire the following types of ancestry DNA tests:
      • Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test
      • Maternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test
      • GPS Origins DNA Ancestry Test

Get the Best DNA Test Cost in Benin City with Accurate Results!

We at DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. are among the best & leading DNA testing companies. We offer various DNA testing services at the best & most competitive DNA Test Prices in Benin City.

Other key factors that make us desirable in the field are:

  • Local collection centers across Nigeria and other countries
  • Highly qualified and experienced technical staff
  • Latest and advanced methodologies for the test
  • Providing NABL-accredited test results
  • Multiple sample collection options
  • Fastest turnaround time

We also provide DNA Tests in Port Harcourt and other areas of Nigeria for relationship identification, immigration, and various other purposes.

We understand the need for secrecy and privacy of our customers and provide the convenience of Home sample collections. For further queries related to DNA Tests in Benin City, Nigeria, please do not hesitate to contact us at +234 816 881 2732 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA Test in Benin City, Nigeria

Maternity DNA Test in Benin City, Nigeria

Relationship DNA Test in Benin City, Nigeria

Immigration DNA Test in Benin City, Nigeria

DNA Test in Benin City

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    DNA Test in Benin City, Nigeria

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