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DNA Test in Mysore, Karnataka

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is the well-known company for DNA testing with 400+ collection centers across India. We have recently launched our collection center for DNA test in Mysore, Karnataka for affordable and accurate DNA test results. Our DNA testing laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and skilled technicians and delivering reliable DNA test results since last two decades.

We perform all DNA tests including paternity DNA test, maternity DNA test, siblingship DNA test, kinship DNA test, genetic DNA test, immigration DNA test, ancestry DNA test, DNA profiling, and DNA forensics. Our DNA test results are accepted by medical professionals, commercial establishments, the general public and legal authorities worldwide. We use the latest ‘Gold Standard’ 24 genetic marker tests to provide accurate and trustworthy DNA test results.

DNA testing is becoming one of the most important tools to establish a biological relationship between people. Paternity test and maternity test is used to determine father-child and mother-child biological relationship respectively. Siblingship DNA test is used to determine a biological relationship between siblings and kinship to determine uncle and aunts.

Genetic DNA test has offered various life-saving benefits to the people. It is used to determine the possibility of disease or disorder in newborn or infants. So that one can take precautions to avoid or prolong genetic disorders.

DNA test plays an important role in organ transplant cases as well. It is compulsory for hospitals and medical professionals to establish a biological relationship between living relative donor and recipient.

DFL is the only Lab in India to provide same day and next day facility at additional charges. To avail this facility, you must submit your DNA samples to our Delhi Lab, or else you can also visit one of our DFL collection centers near your location and provide your DNA samples, for this condition the Timings for Express Testing facility as mentioned above will be applicable only when our testing lab receives your DNA samples.

We collect samples for all DNA tests at our Mysore, Karnataka collection center with the same day appointment. One can request for free home sample collection at +91 8010177771 or whatsapp: +91 9213177771.

Paternity DNA test in Mysore

Maternity DNA test in Mysore

Relationship DNA test in Mysore

Immigration DNA test in Mysore

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    DNA Test in Mysore, Karnataka
    Mysuru Karnataka 570001
    Phone: +91 8010177771
    Email: info@dnaforensics.in
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