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DNA Test in New Delhi

The history of DNA testing in India dates back around 30 years. But, the real-world applications of DNA testing services and their familiarity among the common public is relatively new. With the commercialization of DNA testing technology, private-sector labs also started providing DNA testing services. If you are a resident of the national capital Delhi, you can choose from the best DNA labs in Delhi for your test. We are now offering accurate and reliable DNA testing services at the best DNA Test Cost in Delhi.

We are among the most sought-after and trusted DNA Labs in Delhi for our class-leading services, fast reporting, and availability of multiple sampling and payment options. If you are looking for an accredited DNA Test in New Delhi, DNA Forensics Laboratory is your way to go.

Types of DNA Tests in New Delhi

Depending upon your specific need/application, you can get a DNA test in New Delhi from the following types:

  1. Peace of Mind Relationship DNA Tests – It includes paternity, maternity, grandparentage, siblingship, and avuncular tests. If you are doubtful or unsure about the genetic relationship between yourself and an alleged relative, you can go for a Peace of Mind Relationship DNA Test in New Delhi. Since there are fewer formalities, a Peace of Mind DNA test cost in Delhi is the lowest, except for a Prenatal Paternity Test (No Sex Determination). Furthermore, we are the only DNA labs in Delhi and India to provide accredited Peace of Mind DNA Tests.
  2. Organ Transplant DNA Test in New Delhi & India (as per THOA 2014) – As per the rules of the 2014 amendment in the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, it is now mandatory for live organ donors to prove their biological relationship with the organ recipient. We are the only DNA testing company providing NABL-accredited Organ Transplant DNA Test with Form-5 and offering the best DNA Test Cost in Delhi for kidney, liver, and other organ transplant cases.
  3. Immigration DNA Test in New Delhi – An Immigration DNA test may be necessary to prove the biological relationship between the beneficiary (applicant) and the petitioner (sponsor) of immigration. If you are a Delhi resident applying for an immigration visa, we recommend you get an Immigration DNA test in New Delhi before submitting your documents. We are providing embassy-approved Immigration DNA tests at competitive and affordable DNA test prices in Delhi.
  4. Ancestry DNA Test – If you are interested in knowing about your ancestral past, you can also get four different types of Immigration DNA tests in New Delhi and India. These include Paternal Lineage, Maternal Lineage, and GPS Origins Ancestry Test. The DNA Test Cost in Delhi for Ancestry testing depends on your chosen configuration.
  5. Cell Line Authentication DNA Test – A Cell Line Authentication Test is critical in pharmaceutical, genetics, biotechnological, and various other sectors. This test identifies cross-contamination, genetic drift, and misidentification at the source.

Best DNA Lab in New Delhi

Before choosing a DNA lab in Delhi, you should always look for a few things. The first requirement is the necessary accreditations and certifications.

At DNA Forensics Laboratory, we are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, complying with all the industry standards and best practices to ensure accuracy and reliability of the reports and a flawless experience getting a DNA test at DFL.

Our testing facility is certified by the National Accreditation Board of Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). We are the only DNA testing company providing NABL accredited Organ transplant DNA Tests in India with Form-5.

Secondly, a good track record is a promising indication of the Best DNA Labs in Delhi. We have been serving the common public, law enforcement agencies, and various private and public-sector organizations successfully for years with 100% client satisfaction.

With multiple sampling options, express services, and competitive DNA test prices in Delhi, we remain to be the number one choice for DNA testing services in Delhi.

Please call on our helpline no. +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771 for more detail.

Paternity DNA Test in New Delhi

Maternity DNA Test in New Delhi

Relationship DNA Test in New Delhi

Immigration DNA Test in New Delhi

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