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DNA Testing for Family History Research

DNA testing has become an essential component for the family history research, identifying ancestors and verifying genealogical leads. It also helps to break down long-standing brick walls and provide answers that can’t be found in the paper trail alone.

Due to technological advances and affordable prices, genealogists, anthropologists, and social scientists have made extensive use of DNA testing to confirm traditional / historical research and establish links with biological parents. There are different types of DNA – autosomal DNA (non-sex chromosomes that make up the complement of your genome and unlock the family story), Y chromosome DNA (used in direct paternal lineage testing), X chromosome DNA, GPS DNA (show the ancestral migration journey of your DNA) and mitochondrial DNA (used in direct maternal lineage testing) – all of which have specific applications. The choice of test depends on the questions you want answers off, or you can simply take a fun test to see who fits you in the databases.

DNA testing provides surprises, so be prepared for the unexpected results!

Relationships are estimated based on the percentage of shared DNA, e.g. 50% for a parent, a child or a brother or sister; 25% for a grandparent, aunt / uncle, half- sibling, niece / nephew; 12.5% for a great-grandparent, first cousin, grand aunt / uncle; 6.25% another generation removed, etc.

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. provides four categories of Ancestral DNA testing services

  • DNA Ancestral origin Paternal linage testing: Paternal linage testing is the line that passed from father to son relatively unchanged through many generations. It can trace your father, his father, his father’s father, and so forth. These tests display your haplogroup designation and show your ancestors’ journey.

    The test is made possible because of the paternal inherited Y chromosome. All males from the same blood line share the same Y chromosome. We provide straightforward truth about where your family came from with ease, when you choose paternal linage test.

    Note: Please note that only males have Y-DNA so only males can take the Y-DNA test, but if females wishing to trace their paternal lineage, they can request/ask from biological male relative such as a brother, father, male cousin, uncle, etc to take Y-DNA test on their behalf.

  • DNA Ancestral origin Maternal linage testing: A maternal ancestry lineage test analyses your mitochondrial DNA – an important type of DNA that is solely passed from mother to child relatively unchanged through several generations.

    Our test results provide you with maternal lineage certificate which shows a clear, indicative way and the migration paths of your foremothers – literally a picture of your ancient family tree.

  • Ancestry DNA Origins: Ancestry origins DNA test is to know more about your deep ancestral roots. This test links you to the remote part of your genealogical pre-history and fills in the gap by giving you the complete picture of your family history.

    We provide evaluations for four groups including East Asian, European, Sub-Saharan African and Indigenous American.

  • GPS Origins Ancestry Test: GPS Origins test, the only test with bio-geographical targeting capability to pinpoint the origins of your ancestors to the finest degree. We use a new ancestry tracking tool know as Geographic Population Structure (GPS), to discover what countries, cities or islands your ancestors came from.

DNA has the power to solve previously impossible cases and is used in the combination of genealogical records to form conclusions about relationships. The test is completely simple and you just need to provide a mouth or a saliva sample. In return, we provide a personalized PDF certificate and a detailed manual that explains your results, as well as more information on pedigree tests and the history of human migration.

Call us today +91 8010177771 or email us via the contact form on this page to discuss more about DNA Testing for Family History Research. Exploit your DNA to make exciting new discoveries from your family history!

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