Best IVF Centre in India

How to Choose the Best IVF Centre in India?

Every couple desires to have their own children. However, it can be hard to fulfill such dreams when either one or both partners are infertile. The good news is that it is now possible to have your baby naturally through IVF treatments. If you are looking for IVF, you should choose the best IVF centre in India with an excellent track record, the highest success rate, and reasonable pricing.

What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

A baby is conceived naturally when the healthy eggs of the mother are fertilized with sperm. This process takes place in the uterus (inside the woman’s body). However, when couples are unable to conceive naturally, in-vitro fertilization comes to their aid.

IVF is a kind of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) in which egg and sperm are fertilized in the laboratory environment. It is used for both infertility treatment and gestational surrogacy. The process involves monitoring and stimulating the woman’s ovulatory process, removing healthy eggs from the woman’s ovaries, and letting the sperm fertilize the egg in an artificial environment (outside the body). The fertilized egg then undergoes embryo culture for 2-5 days. Then, it is transferred to the same or another woman’s uterus where it grows naturally and the woman can give birth to a healthy baby.

Best IVF Centre in India

Ways to Opt for Best IVF Centre in India

Infertility has increased dramatically in recent years among couples. But, within that time, so have the accessibility and the quality of fertility centres and the respective treatments. While going for IVF, it’s always important to take a little extra care by doing the necessary research. Keeping the emotional and the financial expenditure in mind, one should go through the following points so as to choose the best IVF centres in India:

  1. About Clinic –If you opt for an IVF test, choosing the best fertility centre is of the utmost important one. Firstly check the pros and cons of a hospital or fertility clinic. You can also visit the hospital in person to check about their background on the internet. Check for the facilities and the type of fertility treatments they provide. Besides, the methodologies they use, the duration of the treatment, etc., are also to be looked for.
  2. Success Rates – IVF success rates vary from clinic to clinic, depending upon the availability of advanced types of equipment, the panel of experts, etc. The higher the success rate of an IVF centre, the more the chance of success.
  3. IVF Specialist – Fertility specialists or Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE) are typically gynecologists specializing in infertility. The success rate of the IVF centre also depends on the staff. An IVF centre with the best doctors, reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, can significantly increase the chances of success of your IVF treatment.
  4. Cost –  Infertility treatments can be expensive. The cost of an IVF is one of the most critical factors in deciding How to Choose the Best IVF Centre in India? You should carefully choose the best IVF centre that can assure your IVF’s success without robbing you of your fortune.
  5. Health insurance – Check if your health insurance policy covers fertility procedures such as IVF. Even if IVF is not covered, your insurance can cover the fertility tests. In both cases, if the IVF centre can help you avail these facilities, it may be a good option for you.
  6. DNA and NIPT testing services NIPP (Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity) is a prenatal* test that can establish the relationship between the unborn baby and its biological father. In case of human errors, sampling errors, labeling errors, etc., getting a prenatal paternity DNA test can help the parents avoid the consequences of such errors, and help them have their own (biological) child.

Besides, having an NIPT or Non-invasive prenatal trisomy test can give you vital information about the possibility of a genetic disease in the baby.

DNA Tests for IVF and Surrogacy Babies

Prenatal Paternity DNA Test for IVF

Keep in Mind When Going for IVF

If you take the time to consider the above factors, you will be able to choose the best IVF centre in India. We also recommend that you get a DNA Test ((Paternity/ Maternity/ Trio Paternity Test)) must be done to verify whether the baby is biologically related to you or not. At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we are providing accredited relationship identification DNA tests including IVF Baby DNA test, at affordable prices and with 100% accurate and reliable results.

I hope this blog may have resolved most of your queries and concerns on how to choose the Best IVF Centre in India? For further queries about a DNA test for IVF, contact us at + 91-8010177771 (Call), +91 9213177771 (WhatsApp).

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How to Choose Best IVF Centre?

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