signature verification test

Signature Verification Forensics Test – An Advanced Analytics Approach

Writing is a conscious act. However, the actual production of each letter and word becomes practically automatic through frequent use and exposure. A skilled writer focuses most of the attention on the subject matter rather than the writing process. As a result of this patterning, writing becomes an extension of a person’s personality and mannerisms, […]

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Signature Verification Forensics Test

Signature Verification: How are Dubious Signatures Analyzed in Forensics Tests?

Handwriting represents words, sentences, and languages. Both signatures & handwritings are biometrics that are unique to each individual. Signatures also play a vital role, being used for financial transactions, postal votes, consents, sanctions, and more. Moreover, they serve as a means of identification in business deals or to establish the legality of the documents. But, […]

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