Cell Line Authentication DNA Test in India

Cell Line Authentication Service in India and it’s Importance and Usage

Cell lines are used predominantly in biomedical research. Both human and animal cell lines play an integral part in establishing the uniform model system to identify the diagnostic tools and even for functional studies. Cell Line Authentication is an essential tool used widely in different fields such as medicine, vaccine development, cell biology, genetics, toxicity testing, drug discovery, and reconstructive medications. There is a unique characteristic in each cell line, which is utilized in different studies. DNA Forensics Laboratory is the only Provider of Cell Line Authentication DNA Testing service in India.

Why is cell line authentication necessary?

Cell cultures play an important role in laboratories. It is quite unfortunate that many cell lines are contaminated and misidentified with other cell lines during research work. Therefore, researchers waste a substantial amount of time and effort, including various costly library resources. Due to this reason, many journals and national health institutes recommend the use of authenticated cell lines before giving acceptance for publication.

Where is cell line authentication required?

  1. Before the establishment of a new cell line, it is mandatory to get an authenticated cell line.
  2. In case of doubts regarding cell lines, it is recommended to conduct cell line authentication before freezing.
  3. Cells must be analyzed properly to avoid cross-contamination in case there is more than one cell line that is handled in the laboratory at one time.
  4. It is significant to check the cells before the initiation of a new experiment.
  5. ATCC/NIH/NCBI recommends the validation of cell lines for journals.

In India and Asia, DNA Forensics Laboratory is the only provider of Cell Line Authentication.

Cell Line Authentication facilitates the detection of genetically drifted, misidentified, and cross-contaminated tissue cells. It can subsequently invalidate the research results. At DNA Forensics Laboratory, we use the exclusive method for cell line authentication known as STR DNA profiling.

It is used to obtain a DNA profile from the isolation of DNA from other research specimens, for example, a human cell line. This test amplifies the targeted area of the DNA and analyzes the amplified product using a genetic analyzer. Obtained data is then analyzed by GMIDX software for accurate and reliable results.

The STR DNA typing procedure used in cell line authentication produces reproducible data and complies with the guidelines of leading scientific organizations. DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. works for various pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and biotechnology companies. We are the sole provider of Cell Line Authentication in India and Asia.

We have been working with several reputed government and private institutions.

DNA Forensics Laboratory has worked with major medical institutions to provide authenticated cell lines

  1. AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) is one of the most reputed institutes for which the DNA Forensics Laboratory has worked and is working to date. Predominantly endocrinology, biotechnology, biochemistry, and medical oncology departments go for Cell Line Authentication tests.
  2. Bhabha Atomic Research Institute also gets Cell Line Authentication services from us for its bio-organic division.
  3. IIT Kanpur and IIIM Jammu are also the institutes we have been providing our services.

DNA Forensics Laboratory also provided cell line authentication to various private bodies in our countries. Some of these are-

  • BT Scientific Services
  • CDRI, Lucknow
  • IGIB, Delhi
  • Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
  • Integral Biosciences
  • Invictus Oncology, Delhi
  • Manipal Academy, Bangalore
  • National Brain Institute, Manesar
  • National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR), Noida
  • National Centre For Cell Science (NCCS), Pune, etc.

We have also provided Cell Line Authentication services to various international organizations such as Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

Authentication of cells becomes necessary because the authenticity of the research results greatly depends on this technology. DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. boasts of being one of the most reputed DNA testing companies in India and providing 100% accurate and reliable Cell Line Authentication tests across India and Asia. To book an appointment, call our helpline number +91 8010177771 or live chat with us on our WhatsApp number +91 9213177771.

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Cell Line Authentication service in India and it's Importance and Usage

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