DNA Matching with Suspected Cancerous Tissue Cell

DNA Matching with Suspected Cancerous Tissue Cell

A tumor is abnormal growth of cells and can be both cancerous and non-cancerous. The non-cancerous tumor is called a benign tumor, while the cancerous tumor is known as a malignant tumor. In benign tumor, cells don’t grow, and sometimes growth happens slowly. On the other hand, malignant tumor affects other surrounding tissues and therefore causes cancer, but in some cases, even benign tumor can press nerves and blood vessels. The severity of the disease provides the base for the treatment after analysis. Healthcare professionals first try medication to dissolve the tumor, and then subsequently perform surgery if it causes discomfort and becomes more prominent.

Immediately after surgery, doctors check whether it is cancerous or non-cancerous tissue. This way, they clear their doubts regarding cancerous growth in cases where cancer appears as a result of the recommended lab tests.

If you or someone you know had major surgery to remove the tumor. What to do next?

Immediately after surgical removal of the tumor, patients are given their tissue sample. Patients need to be sure that the tested tissue sample is related to them. In hospitals, there is an extensive collection of samples. Although technicians work well to protect sample blocks but still, there is the scope of human error such as wrong labeling, mix-up of blocks, etc.

What happens if a person goes for chemo or radiation therapy without having cancer?

DNA Forensic Laboratory has conducted various DNA tests to match DNA with preserved tissue samples. A few reports showed conflicting results. There were cases where patients started treatment immediately after the doctor confirmed cancerous growth without rechecking the preserved specimen. Patients began taking chemotherapy or radiation sessions. Consequently, it reduced their immune response and hence, became more prone to otherwise treatable diseases. False treatment led to the death of the patients in some cases. Therefore, DNA matching with suspected cancerous tissue blocks plays a significant role.

How to get your DNA sample matched with the preserved specimen?

Contact our representative will guide you thoroughly regarding the DNA testing procedure. There are two ways through which people can submit DNA samples.

Customers can order a DNA sample collection kit online. They can get a DNA sample by rubbing sterile swabs from inside of the cheeks. After that, customers need to fill the consent form and send the collected sample to the laboratory along with the tissue blocks. Clients can make payments online, and the full amount in advance provides immediate delivery of reports to the clients when it gets ready. DNA test takes around 25 to 30 working days and also excludes the time duration of the shipment.

Customers can also visit the laboratory or authorized collection center to provide a DNA sample for DNA tests where they fill the consent form along with the submission of samples. Here, they need to pay the full amount of the DNA test during the time of DNA sample submission in the laboratory or the authorized collection center. The laboratory takes 8 to 10 working days to provide DNA test reports.

Why choose DNA Forensic Laboratory?

DNA Forensic Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is the only lab that provides a varied range of DNA testing services to all of its clients. It has a government-approved NABL certified testing laboratory; result reports provided by this lab are legally permissible and accurate by 99.999%. Moreover, it provides express DNA testing service for paternity/relationship tests that deliver results within 24 hours from the time patient submit DNA samples. It is conveniently present in every city because it has more than 400+ collection centers in India and abroad.

DNA testing services play a pivotal role in the diagnosis and treatment of various life-threatening health issues. DNA matching with suspected cancerous preserved tissue is a must before choosing surgery. For information related to multiple other DNA testing services, clients can live chat at our WhatsApp number +91 9213177771 or can contact at +91 8010177771.

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DNA Matching with Suspected Cancerous Tissue Cell

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