Prenatal Paternity DNA test

Are you looking for a Prenatal Paternity DNA test immediately after conception through IVF?

Nowadays, people are aware of IVF or in-vitro-fertilization procedure due to the regular increase in infertility rate. The procedure remains a bit complicated as it involves the transfer of fertilized egg into the mother’s womb. Attempts don’t remain successful each time as the chances of successful pregnancies decline with age. Generally, fertilization takes place in hospitals or IVF laboratories.

In laboratories, technicians work with care as compared to hospitals. so there is a risk of a mix-up of samples in hospitals. As a result, a woman carries a child in her womb, which is not genetically related to her. Such kinds of mistakes are rare, but parents might find prenatal paternity tests quite reassuring.

Why is Prenatal-Paternity DNA tests a must in the case of IVF?

There are IVF pregnancy cases where our laboratory handed over postnatal paternity DNA test results to the customers, Surprisingly, they were shocked after knowing that the alleged father was not the biological father of the child. Therefore, the prenatal paternity DNA Test is an ultimate tool in case there is a possibility of a mix-up. All IVF centers guarantee their ethical services, but still, there is a risk. This test is usually performed on one condition when the mother is 100% sure that she is carrying her baby.

The technology used and the accuracy of prenatal paternity.

Mother’s DNA gets mixed with fetus DNA through the bloodstream. Technologists first isolate the fetal DNA from the mother’s blood and then analyze it for testing. Prenatal paternity DNA testing provides 99.9% accuracy in its results with either 99.9% inclusion or 100% exclusion, just like a postnatal paternity DNA test.

When and how to opt for Prenatal-Paternity DNA Test?

This DNA test can take place immediately after conception. The recommended time to perform this non-invasive test is after eight weeks of pregnancy. The test involves a blood sample from the embryo carrying mother and sperm donor. We recommend providing a swab sample of mothers carrying the pregnancy. Non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA testing is risk-free as there is no risk to the mother and child while taking the test.

Why choose The DNA Forensic Laboratory?

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd is the only private lab in our country that provides the best possible solutions to all the issues related to DNA testing. Our testing laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025, and the Ministry of Justice certified. We have more than 100 sample collection centers across the country, and customers can visit any of them to provide samples. Moreover, our laboratory can collect samples of an alleged father from abroad, mainly in the USA and UK.

The prenatal-paternity DNA test is a powerful tool to know the paternity of a developing child before birth. It is a safe, convenient, and secure method to analyze as compared to conventional techniques such as amniotic fluid samples that could be harmful to the child. To get more details regarding DNA testing services in India, Clients can live chat at our WhatsApp number 9213177771 or call at +91 8010177771 to book an appointment.

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