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Discovering your Ancestry: Tips for Getting Started

Discovering your Ancestry is a rewarding journey into the past where you can uncover where you came from, discover your ancestor’s stories, and build a stronger connection to your relatives in the present. If you’ve been interested in getting started with your family history by taking a DNA test, but haven’t yet taken the plunge, there are few tips that can really help you without getting overwhelmed.

  1. Is Information about your ancestors is accurate? Think again.
    Even if your family has kept records, the more the genealogical information becomes inaccurate, the more you must doubt their accuracy. DNA Ancestry test is the only way to get accurate information about your origin, without bias or prejudice. DNA Forensic Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. provides outstanding GPS-based Origin DNA testing services. We look at your genetic markers to determine your ethnicity and the journeys of your ancestors. On your genetic map, we zoom in on landmarks to decode cities and towns where DNA blending events have taken place.
  2. Location, Location, Location
    Before the 17th century, the reliability of information in general became extremely rudimentary. When you can accurately identify the exact locations from where your DNA was created and then migrated – 1,000 or more years ago – opens up new avenues for research. Therefore, if you do not want to find your family in the past, use DNA tests to help you find places.
  3. All DNA tests are not identical
    When investing on a DNA test for ancestry, do a little comparison. Cheaper does not always mean you get the best offer or product for what you want to learn.

When discussing ancestry DNA testing, DFL often refer to four types of DNA tests in your cells: the Y chromosome, used in direct paternal lineage testing, the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), used in direct maternal lineage testing, the autosomes—non-sex chromosomes that make up the complement of your genome and unlock the family story in our DNA and GPS Origins DNA test pinpoints your ancestry from specific countries and in some case even the town or city. You can choose from the different types of ancestry DNA test as per your research and information you want to find.

Consider the following:

  • The number of DNA markers analyzed (the more there are, the better)
  • The number of gene pools and reference populations involved in the analysis (again, the better, the better, because the more numbers, the more accurate the results);
  • The specificity of the test (whether or not it provides point locations or only larger geographical locations).

Discovering valuable information about your family history is priceless, and when you do an Ancestry DNA test, the process is extremely easy! All you have to do is collect your DNA from the comfort of your home using a simple cotton swab, then send the sample to the lab, and wait for your results. What you discover may surprise you or confirm what has been passed from generation to generation. For more information and to find out which ancestry DNA test is best for you, call us today at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771 and our customer representatives will be happy to help you.

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