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Why GPS Origins is Best Ancestry DNA Tests Money can Buy?

Digging up the long forgotten roots of your family history has never been easier. If you want to keep things really simple then, we at DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd offer the best ancestry DNA testing services. With our ancestry testing you can bridge the gaps in your family’s records and make connections you never knew were possible. Our advanced autosomal test may even indicate the town or village where groups of your ancestors from different cultures met and builds a vibrant picture of the migration journeys that formed your deep genealogical heritage.

Why trust us for Ancestry DNA testing kits?

Our Ancestry DNA tests are one of the most affordable services. Our GPS Origin DNA test traces your DNA back around 1,000 years, or more, to the place where your DNA originated.

We provide the best Ancestry DNA Testing services for understanding your DNA Matches, including the best Chromosome Browser in the industry, which you won’t get with other major DNA brands. We also have the most globally diverse database among all DNA tests on the market and are loved by people from all over the world.


  • The most precise and advanced ancestry test report.
  • Only DNA test with bio-geographical targeting capability to the town or village level
  • Identifies when and where your DNA formed by matching the populations that came together to create a genetic line leading to you
  • Traces the migration route of both your maternal and paternal lineages back to their origins and dates the age of your DNA signature
  • Provides detailed stories helping to explain DNA mixture events such as wars, famines and migrations
  • Learn about the historical events that shaped the migration of your DNA Test

How does the GPS Origins ancestry test work?

The test looks at the genetic composition of your DNA—your DNA signature—and compares it to a database of over 10,000 signatures from 1,000+ populations with known geographic locations to identify the place where it began about 1,000 years ago.

We have identified 41 gene pools around the world. Each human population is made up of a mixture of these gene pools. In the distant past, individual migrations were rare. Genetic mixing tended to occur when large groups of people moved from one area to another, through invasion or mass migration. As the incoming gene pool mixed with the local one, a new genetic signature was created across the whole population.

The GPS Origins DNA test assumes that your DNA signature is unique to you but shares many characteristics with the populations or tribes from which it originated. By comparing your DNA to the signature mixes within different populations, GPS Origins can pinpoint the origin of your DNA.

The algorithm works out the differences or genetic ‘distance’ between your DNA and the DNA population signatures in our database, and converts them to geographic distances. Then, like a car satellite navigation system, it uses the distances to calculate the coordinates of your DNA origin, which marks the spot where your DNA most recently changed at the population level. It occurs when two different populations came together and created your DNA signature.

Using a similar method, GPS Origins then works backward to find two more points and plots the journey to where your DNA was mixed. It repeats this calculation for each element of your parental DNA.

How much Ancestry DNA Testing Cost?

DNA Forensics Laboratory Private Limited has an assurance of quality and fast results. Our DNA tests are conducted with state-of-the-art technique and are competitively priced making them affordable and accurate. Our cost for GPS Origin Ancestry DNA testing is 17000(Test Cost) + 3060(GST) = 20060 INR. If you have any questions about the prices of DNA test.

How accurate are DNA Ancestry Tests?

The accuracy depends on your family history. If your parents come from the same place or from two different places and are not mixed, the test can trace your DNA signature in the country of origin in 90% of cases. The test will predict the accurate continent.

In a study of people from all over the world, the GPS Origin DNA test algorithm predicts continental origins with 98% accuracy, affecting 83% of individuals in their home country and, where appropriate, 66% of them to their area.

If your ancestors came from Western Europe and your parents came from the same area and did not go far away from where they came from, the test places your DNA signature within 50 km of its true origin and often closer.

Your results will show the origin as a point on a map. Any expected error appears as a circle around the point – the smaller the circle, the more accurate the result. The accuracy also depends on the size of the reference population in a given area; the larger the reference group, the more accurate the results will be.

If you are curious to get a broad picture of your ancestry, try GPS origin DNA tests and find your ancestral origin from all over the globe. For further queries contact us or call us today at: +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771 and our customer representatives will be happy to help you.

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