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Discover Your DNA Origin with us: Know Your Roots

Most people are curious about their ethnic ancestry. Yet few of us have real facts about the ethnic makeup of our ancestors. Even if we know the ethnic origin of one or two recent ancestors, we do not know our true proportions.

Most of us can broadly trace our ancestral roots to a country or general region on the planet. But a GPS DNA testing can trace your DNA back around 1,000 years, or more, to the place where your ancestors originated and are now available for the people who want to trace their roots. Now DNA testing for ancestors has become a craze and everyone wants to know where they come from or to know their roots.

DNA Forensic Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. provides outstanding GPS-based DNA testing services at each DNA sample collection centers in India. We provide the best autosomal DNA testing, analysis and reporting that opens up an entirely new world of discovery and self-discovery, linked to your roots. We look at your genetic markers to determine your ethnicity and the journeys of your ancestors. On your ancestral map we zoom in on landmarks to decode cities and towns where DNA blending events have taken place.

Our GPS Origin DNA test helps in

  • Identify when and where your DNA is formed by matching populations together to create a genetic lineage leading to you.
  • Retrace the origins of your maternal and paternal lineages and retrace the age of your DNA signature
  • Provides detailed narratives to help explain DNA blending events such as wars, famines and migrations
  • Locate your ancestors’ trips with accurate biogeography targeting
  • Connect with unknown cousins and other relatives in the databases
  • Identify biological relatives (useful where parentage is unknown, e.g. adoptees, donor conceived, foundlings)
  • Confirm (or disprove) family relationships and reveal your ethnicity/admixture/ ancient origins
  • Find new branches of your existing ancestors and solve long-standing research ‘brick walls’

Our GPS based DNA testing method can tell you which areas of the world your family originated. This can give you a good idea not only of where to look when searching for your family tree but also about the family’s heritage and customs that you have never encountered. This is one of the most specific DNA tests for ancestry on the market today.

With the continued progress of DNA testing for ancestry, we are experiencing a golden age for family history research. Have you taken advantage of the power of DNA? If no, just contact us or call us on: +91 8010177771 or whatsapp: +91 9213177771 today to begin your journey to learning more about your ancestor’s and discover your true history.

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Discover Your DNA Origin with us: Know Your Roots

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