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Home DNA Test Kit – Is This Accurate?

DNA test kits are all the rage nowadays, and are used by people of various backgrounds to get to know about each other and their family history. People are turning to DNA test kits for peace of mind, legal cases or immigration purposes. But can you trust the results?

In some cases YES, in some cases NO, and in other cases, WHO KNOWS? A number of factors affect the reliability of a DNA test kit. First, the qualifications and reliability of the lab who analyze the samples, or the company who sold you the kit and provide you with the results, may be questionable or unclear.

Second, sample collection errors are common. In some cases, samples may not produce results due to inappropriate contamination or sampling, while in other cases; samples are mixed during the collection process and produce erroneous or inconclusive results.

Third, due to the lack of verifiable identification of the tested parts and the chain of custody of the collected samples, the tested parties are not protected in case of laboratory error and have no legal recourse against the laboratory.

Fourth, because samples are not collected according to a strict and verifiable chain of custody, test results are not legally defensible and patients often have to repeat their test using legally defensible methods. In each of these situations, the money spent on the home test kit is wasted and the parties tested may have to pay for another test.

The final answer to the question, “Home DNA Test Kit – Is this accurate?” is that there are few chances of errors and if chain-of-custody is not maintained, you can’t use the results for legal cases or immigration purposes.” At DNA Forensics Laboratory Private Limited, we know that the result of a DNA test can completely change the course of a life, sometimes many lives. If you are looking for a DNA tests, your top priority should be to get a test that you trust. All the DNA tests result are 99.999% accurate.

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