Cell Line Authentication Test in India

Human Cell Line Authentication Services in India

The advent of new technologies, and organizations involved in the distribution of biological materials, such as cell culture lines, has made it easier to access various in vitro models. They later got developed and/or harvested from different sources. Cell lines are essential tools for biomedical research and development. Since the early 20th century, animal cell lines have been used for medicine, genetics, cancer research, and drug development studies. Cell line authentication test in India is relatively straightforward: genetic profiling can be accomplished through polymorphic short tandem repeats (STRs). This technique produces reproducible data under the guidelines set by the leading scientific organizations, researches, etc. Then, the STR profile is generated by multiplex PCR followed by capillary electrophoresis on a genetic analyzer.

Cell Line Authentication Test in India

If you are looking for a cell line authentication DNA Test in India you are at the right place. Cell Line Authentication verifies the identity of the cells you use in your experiments. Testing often includes ensuring the cell lines are derived from the correct species and donor (the source) and are free from contamination.

Discovery of HeLa Cell Line

The widely known HeLa cell line was the first immortal human cell line isolated in 1951 from Henrietta Lacks’ cervical cancer biopsy. An immortal human cell line is cluster of cells that continue to multiply independently outside the human body in a controlled lab environment. The cell line can either be immortal or finite in lifespan. HeLa cell lines were essential in developing the first polio vaccine and also in discovering telomerase in human cells. Later, numerous other cell lines were developed from different tissues sources.

Purpose of Cell Line Authentication Test

Researchers have found that they have encountered failure after decades of research due to the lack of an accurate cell line authentication test. Oftentimes, a cell line of interest is misidentified at the source. As a result, it could have led the researcher to use the same (misidentified) cell line to conduct the research and ultimately not getting the desired result.

A second issue with cell lines is the possibility of cross-contamination, where the contaminant can be a different cell from another source/sample, environmental pollutants, etc.

The third and most crucial problem with cell lines is that they often become genetically drifted with time. During such a genetic alteration, a cell may lose its originality and become a totally different cell. Researchers and experts generally acknowledge that the latter is more harmful than the first two types of errors, as one may not realize that the cells are gradually changing and may continue to get false results.

When to Authenticate a Cell Line?

Cell line authentication tests traditionally involve techniques like isoenzyme analysis and karyotyping. However, these techniques were insufficient to differentiate between different cell lines. In contrast, STR profiling is a reliable, low-cost, and easy method for cell line authentication tests in India. If a lab receives a cell line, it should obtain relevant information regarding its origin, growth characteristics, and culture conditions. Cell line authentication may be required in the following conditions:

  • When a new cell line is collected
  • When there is an alteration in the morphology and behavior of the cell
  • When there is a risk or doubt of cross-contamination
  • Before initiating any new experiments

How to Authenticate a Cell Line?

STR profiling establishes a unique fingerprint of every human cell line (or any other species). STRs (or microsatellites) are about 2-10 base pairs long and are the hypervariable regions present in mammals, bacteria & fungi, as well as in insects, reptiles, and fish. STR profiling has the power to differentiate between different individuals of the same species. The number of repeats present at the STR loci in each individual varies and gives rise to a unique fingerprint. The ANSI/ATCC standard ASN-0002 has mentioned STR profiling as the preferred human cell line authentication method.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory for Cell Line Authentication Services in India?

If you are facing the above-mentioned problems, you can get a Cell Line Authentication Test in India at DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. We offer complete cell line authentication services using STRs profiling. Human cell line authentication helps you detect misidentifications, genetic drift, and cross-contamination of cell lines. In addition, at DFL you can get reliable, affordable, and fast human cell line authentication to accurately identify specimens used for research purposes.

We are already working with esteemed Research Institutes, Pharmaceutical Companies, and Biotechnology Companies. Moreover, we are the only company that offers legal DNA tests in India. With 400+ collection centers across India, you can visit your nearest collection center to give your DNA sample. For further queries about cell line authentication tests in India, you can get in touch with us or schedule an appointment by calling on the following numbers.
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