DNA Profiling Test in India

DNA Profiling Test in India – Facilitating Forensic Investigations

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the genetic material found in living organisms, from bacteria to plants to humans and even viruses. It is the blueprint used to build an organism. The directions coded for by our DNA control everything from growth & development to cell specification, neuronal function, and metabolism. Human DNA is 99.9% identical to the DNA of every other human being on earth, but it varies from 0.1%. Although 0.1% doesn’t sound like a lot, it actually represents millions of different regions within the genome. These regions are called polymorphic. The variations in these polymorphic regions are called polymorphisms. Each one of us inherits a unique set of polymorphisms from our parents. These polymorphisms can then be analyzed to create a DNA profile. DNA profiling is also called DNA fingerprinting.

Steps Involved in DNA Profiling Test

DNA Profiling Test is a systematic procedure beginning with the sample collection of the involved parties. First, the buccal swab made up of sterile cotton is used to rub against the cheek walls to collect the epithelial cells. Samples of blood, hair, and saliva can also be used to extract DNA. Next, the DNA will be cut for STRs (Short Tandem Repeats) analysis.

DNA profiling does not use restriction enzymes to cut down the DNA. Rather, it utilizes PCR technology to create thousands of copies of the STRs sequences.

After PCR produces enough copies of sequences, electrophoresis separates different sized DNA molecules. They are then passed to laser sequencing, resulting in a unique DNA profile. But in the case of identical twins, the DNA profiles can be the same.

Uses of DNA Profiling Test

Today’s society has civil and criminal uses for DNA profiling tests in India. DNA testing/profiling technology is extensively used in criminal cases, including corroborative evidence and DVI (Disaster Victim Identification) and civil matters, like determining kinship and establishing biological parentage. In addition, researchers are also using DNA profiling to calculate the possibility of genetic defects being passed on to future generations and detect genetic traits that contribute to diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.

As a medical application, it is used to match the tissues of a donor and recipient in organ transplantation/donation cases. With the advent of newer methods of profiling & analysis, the use of DNA in various other fields will grow over time.

Configurations of DNA Profiling Test

A DNA test can be used for many applications. Some of the standard DNA profiling tests in India include:

  1. Peace of Mind DNA Profiling Test: These tests are conducted for relationship identification. It is done for one’s peace of mind and cannot be used for any legal purposes:
      • Maternity Test
      • Paternity Test
      • Paternity Trio Test
      • Siblingship Test
      • Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (No Sex Determination)
      • Grandparentage Test
      • Avuncular Test
  2. DNA Profiling Test for Immigration: Immigration requires proving the biological relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary. In case the primary documents are not sufficient to prove that the involved parties are related, the immigration officer may refuse the visa application. Therein, getting an Immigration DNA Test beforehand helps avoid refusals.
  3. DNA Profiling for Organ Transplant Cases (As per THOA, 2014): In the case of organ failure, a person needs a healthy organ from either a living or a deceased donor. The Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA) 2014 states that a DNA profiling test is required when the live donor and the recipient are close relatives.
  4. Ancestry DNA Profiling Test: If you are interested in digging out the ancestral past that has always been unknown to you; Ancestry DNA Profiling Test can help. They offer us insight into our ancestors’ amazing journey thousands of years ago. The ancestry test can be done for different types of information, like-
      • Paternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test
      • Maternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test
      • GPS Origins Ancestry Test
  5. Forensic DNA Profiling Tests: DNA profiling tests greatly back up forensic investigations. The biological samples collected from the crime sites can serve as viable DNA samples, which can be tested to precisely identify a possible suspect/convict.
  6. Cell Line Authentication: Cell Line Authentication Tests have a wide range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to biotechnology studies and more. For example, they help in misidentified, cross-contaminated, and genetic drift cells cases.

DNA Profiling Test in India

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DNA Profiling Test in India – Facilitating Forensic Investigations

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