Ancestry DNA Test in India

Unveil the Ancestral Mysteries with Ancestry DNA Test

The current worldwide popularity of ancestry DNA tests stems from the universal desire to discover the roots. Hand-written pedigrees and compiled books often serve well to someone seeking links with their ancestors within a short area. The age-old practice is still prevalent in many communities, populations, etc. However, the advancements in DNA testing technologies now enable us to dig deep into our ancestral roots. DNA ancestry test in India offers us insight into our ancestors’ amazing journey thousands of years ago.

For some, it’s all about finding a resemblance between themselves and their ancestors (physical or mental characters). For others, it’s simply the pride of knowing whether they belong to any royal family and are connected to any historical events.

How Does DNA Reveal Our Ancestry

DNA is the hereditary material found in human beings and in most organisms. Most DNA is stored in the cell’s nucleus; however, DNA is also contained in the mitochondria, also called mitochondrial DNA. An important process of DNA is that it can duplicate itself, meaning almost every cell in an individual has identical DNA. In fact, each DNA strand functions as a design for replicating the order of the four chemical bases found in DNA. These chemical bases (purines & pyrimidines), in their specific arrangements, serves as the information needed for the development of new life and maintain it.

The sample for a DNA test can be obtained from various body tissues; however, blood and saliva are the most preferred. The process of DNA testing is fairly straightforward for an ancestry DNA test in India. Upon collecting blood or saliva from an individual, it is sent to a lab, where the DNA test for ancestry is performed and analyzed, which then provides details about an individual’s family history and more.

Types of DNA Ancestry Test in India

There are mainly four types of DNA ancestry tests in India. Which test will suit you depends entirely on the purpose of your test. For example, if you want to know about your father’s ancestors, you need to go for a paternal lineage ancestry DNA test. On the other hand, if you are keen to know about your mother’s ancestors, then opt for a maternal lineage ancestry DNA test.

Now, let us know about all four types of DNA ancestry tests in India that help dig out your ancestral past that has always been unknown to you.

  1. Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – It is one of India’s most commonly used ancestry testing services. A Paternal Lineage Indian Ancestry DNA Test traces male origin using the Y-chromosome analysis passed exclusively from father to son, relatively unchanged through many generations. This lineage testing involves Y-STR analysis. It can reveal the Y haplogroup and thus suggest the geographic origin. Furthermore, a female cannot undergo this test as Y-chromosomes are only passed onto the male child. Instead, she can ask either her father, brother, or other male relatives in the same paternal line to provide their DNA samples.

Paternal Maternal Lineage Testing

  1. Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – The Maternal Lineage Indian Ancestry DNA Test identifies genetic variations in mitochondrial DNA. While most DNA is in chromosomes within cells, mitochondria have their DNA called mtDNA. Mitochondrial DNA is passed onto both male and female children from their mothers. This test traces the mtDNA haplogroup and reveals the geographical location where the mother’s side of ancestors belonged to.
  1. GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test – It is one of India’s most advanced types of ancestry tests. It can not only trace back your ancestry to a thousand years back in time but can also pinpoint the near exact geographical location on the world map where your DNA first came into existence. In addition, this ancestry test in India also reveals the last three major migrational routes of one’s ancestors. A GPS Origins Ancestry DNA test is more accurate if both of your parents were born in the same country. However, the result can vary slightly if either of your parents is from a different continent.GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory for DNA Ancestry Test in India?

DNA Forensics Laboratory (DFL) is one of the best Indian companies to provide accurate, reliable, and accredited DNA Ancestry Test in India at affordable prices.

With hundreds of collection centers across India, you can easily access an Ancestry test near you. Alternatively, you can order the DNA testing kit online and collect the sample yourself. You have to send your sample to DFL’s testing facility in the damage-proof envelope included in the kit. DFL provides the test results within 30 working days; however, you can use the express services or opt for an early reporting* facility (same day).

* Terms & Conditions applied.

To learn more or book Ancestry DNA test in India, talk to our customer support executives on the following numbers:

+91 8010177771 (Call), +91 9213177771 (WhatsApp)

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