Hair Drug Testing Services in India

Dealing With Addictions? Opt for Hair Drug Testing Services in India!

Addiction is such a complicated issue. The question of what causes and defines it remains somewhat unsettled. The psychology behind addiction covers many grounds: whether it is an effect of lifestyle and childhood, disease or a personal failing; family history & socioeconomic demographics; and the dozens of other factors that can’t be accounted for or measured. Long-term use and larger doses have adverse effects that can seriously harm your health. In order to control people’s addiction to these substances, hair drug testing got introduced. Hair drug testing services in India allows the family members to easily get a drug test of their loved ones using their hair samples while not bothering the addicted person. In contrast to urine or other oral fluid analysis, hair provides a longer detection window, covering months rather than days.

Drug Hair Test & Its Types

A drug hair test can determine the individual’s pattern, type, and habit of illicit drug use. It is based on the fact that drugs consumed break into metabolites. Some are eliminated via the urinary system, sweat, etc., while the remaining gets trapped in different body parts, including hair. First, it travels through the bloodstream, binds to the tissues and cells around the hair’s root, and ends up in the strand of the hair itself. Once this happens, some drugs attach to melanin and others to keratin cells. Usually, when a drug is found at the hair roots, it has been used very recently; if it is near the hair’s end, it was used months ago.

A drug hair test is of two types:

  1. Overview Analysis – Overview analysis averages episodes of drug use to the test’s time. It determines the drug use depending on the length of the hair sample. Usually, it could range from 3 cm to identify drug use within those 3 months or up to 6, depending on the length of hair available.
  2. Segmented Analysis – In Segmented, it analyzes a person’s drug usage month by month. For example, in a 6-months’ segmented analysis, hair samples are sectioned into six segments of 1 cm to provide individual monthly analyses. The segmented analysis is especially useful for obtaining a trend in drug use, such as seeing a decrease or increase or highlighting intermittent use.

What Drugs can be Detected Through Drug Hair Tests?

A drug hair test can detect the following drugs:

  • GHB (Scoop)
  • Spice (Fake Weed)
  • Cocaine (Crack)
  • Steroids (Roids)
  • LSD (Acid)
  • Amphetamine (Speed)
  • Cannabis (Ganza)
  • Opiates (Smack)
  • Benzodiazepines (Benzo)
  • Ketamine (Rape Drug)
  • MDMA (Ecstasy)
  • Methamphetamine (Meth)
  • Mephedrone (M-Smack)
  • Methadone (Tootsie Roll)
  • Buprenorphine (Strips)
  • Phencyclidine (Angel Dust)
  • Zolpidem (Zombie pills)
  • Tramadol (Chill Pills)

How are Samples Taken?

About 200 hair strands about the thickness of a pencil are collected for Hair Drug Testing. Generally, head hairs are preferred. However, hair from other body parts can also be used in cases where there is insufficient or no hair on the head, or for religious or cosmetic purposes. These include the hair from the chest, leg, underarms, and beard. Unlike head hair, other body hairs cannot tell the exact time frame of drug use.

Facts about Hair Drug Testing Services in India

The drug hair test is becoming popular because they provide a deeper insight into a person’s drug use history. They are also harder to cheat, so employers and the legal industry increasingly use them. However, a major challenge in hair analysis is the detection of certain manipulative/incidental attempts. These attempts include using “detox shampoos,” tinting, semi-permanent/permanent hair dyeing, or hair straightening, which can affect the results to an extent.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory?

If your loved ones are exhibiting signs of addiction but don’t know where to turn, DNA Forensics Laboratory can help. DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. (DFL) is a reputed Indian company to provide 100% accurate and reliable DNA tests for various purposes in India. Moreover, we are the only company providing Legal DNA Testing Services for the courts.

We have lately opened our doors to Indian customers for hair drug testing. With 400+ collection centers in PAN India and abroad, you can visit your nearest center for a drug hair test or have sample collection agents come to the address for the same.

Guardians can also benefit from hair sample drug testing for peace of mind. Hair drug testing is confidential and discrete. A person can be tested without their knowledge, so parents can learn the truth about their teen’s drug use before accusing them. By undergoing hair drug testing in the home, people can safeguard their loved ones against drug abuse and help them lead a good life on both personal and professional levels.

So, take the next step by contacting us today to get the best-in-class hair drug testing services in India. To learn more or book a hair drug testing in India, call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771

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Dealing With Addictions? Opt for Hair Drug Testing Services in India!

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