Why Do You Need A DNA Test for Immigration Purposes?

DNA testing technologies are being implemented in areas that extend beyond the field of medicine to address social and legal problems. An emerging example is the implementation of DNA testing in the family petitioning process in immigration policy. An Immigration DNA test establishes the biological relationship between the applicant (beneficiary) and the sponsor (petitioner). In addition, almost all countries now require a DNA test for visa applications. Therefore, it is recommended to get an Immigration DNA test in India to prevent the possibility of visa rejection.

Why is Immigration DNA Test Important?

Unchecked immigration may cause a lot of problems. The first challenge is for the applicant, who may get a refusal letter, ultimately delaying the visa approval. Getting an Immigration DNA Test in India before applying for a visa can significantly increase the chances of visa approval in one go.

Immigration DNA tests have been implemented in several countries to prevent illegal entry into the country as well as to prevent crimes like human trafficking, organ smuggling, and poaching. A DNA Test for Immigration in India is done for different types of relationships; for example,

  • Paternity DNA Test: Paternity testing is a commonly used DNA test for immigration purposes in India. It is done when either of the involved parties is the father and the other is the son or daughter.
  • Maternity DNA Testing for Immigration: Maternity DNA Test for immigration in India is done when any of the involved parties is the mother. The other one is the son or daughter.
  • Immigration DNA Test for Siblingship: Siblingship DNA tests establish the biological relationship between brothers and sisters.
  • Grandparentage DNA testing for Immigration: This type of DNA testing for immigration purposes is done when grandparents living in a foreign country sponsor their dependent grandchildren to settle with them in the respective country. The same is true for dependent grandparents who want to settle in a foreign country with their grandchildren. This test is usually used as an alternative to paternity or maternity DNA testing when the father and the mother are not available for the test.

Sampling for Immigration DNA Tests

In the immigration process, two parties are involved – the applicant and the sponsor.

Often the sample collection is done with a chain of custody. It means that the person to be tested has to visit the embassy of the respected country & give their DNA sample under the supervision of the immigration officer.

  • All parties are in India – If both the parties, i.e., the petitioner and the beneficiary, are in India, they can visit our office and give their DNA samples for the test.
  • When one party is outside India – If one of the parties is outside India, we first collect their DNA sample and share the same case reference number with the other party in the other country.

We use the swabbing method to collect our clients’ DNA samples. Buccal swabs are sterile cotton buds rubbed on your cheek walls from the inside of your mouth. It’s a painless method and yields 100% accurate results. Once the samples of both parties are collected, they are sent to our testing facility for analysis. After the analysis is complete, we release the report to the respective authority. The tested parties can also request a copy of their report.

Required documents for DNA testing for immigration purposes are – a photocopy of the govt.- issued photo ID proofs & the original for reference and 2 passport-sized colored photographs of each tested person.

DNA Forensics Laboratory – For Accredited Immigration DNA Tests in India

DNA Forensics Laboratory is among the best Indian companies for an accurate, reliable, & accredited Immigration DNA Test at competitive prices. We work from 400+ local & International collection centers, providing the best in class services for Immigration DNA Tests in India. Our testing lab is accredited by:

  • MOJ (Ministry of Justice, UK)
  • CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments)
  • ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board)
  • NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities of Australia)
  • AABB (Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies, USA) to conduct embassy-approved DNA testing for immigration purposes.

We also provide Immigration DNA tests in India for Canada, Switzerland, Dubai, Germany, China, and many other countries.

Moreover, we provide a specialized Legal Immigration DNA test in India and work with immigration agencies, embassies, petitioners, and beneficiaries. We also arrange sample collection for a Legal Immigration DNA Test from India and abroad.

Furthermore, we provide our customers with dedicated 24/7 DNA testing support. We have many years of experience and satisfied customers.

Our mission is to serve people by providing them with the most reliable, useful, and affordable DNA tests for immigration purposes. If you want to get the best Immigration DNA Tests in India, just call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771 to schedule an appointment.

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Why Do You Need A DNA Test for Immigration Purposes?

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