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Looking For DNA Testing Services in India? Go Through Our Checklist First Before Choosing a Lab!

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, contains the instructions for organisms to develop, survive, and reproduce. It can be found inside every cell and passed down from parents to their offspring. A DNA test can have numerous applications, and it’s up to your requirement for which purpose you opt. The DNA test not only confirms a person’s genetic identity but can help them in many different areas, for example, relationship identification, immigration, organ transplant, etc. Here, we will provide the information you need to get a DNA test in India. For this, a proper layout of what type of DNA test I can get and which lab will be best for DNA tests in India should be known.

Your Checklist Before Going for a DNA Test in India

  • Which DNA test do I need?
  • When do I need a DNA test?
  • Does it hurt?
  • Are my personal details safe?
  • Is my DNA test time-bound?
  • What’s included in the cost of a DNA test?

Answering these simple questions on your checklist may help you decide better to get the best DNA testing services in India. Let us begin now!

  1. Which DNA Test do I Need?
    The very first thing to consider is which type of DNA testing you need. If you want to confirm your biological relationship with any of your alleged relatives, like father, mother, son, daughter, etc., then you can do a Peace of Mind Relation (POM) DNA test. A POM relationship DNA test is meant for your information only. DNA tests like

    • Paternity
    • Maternity
    • Paternity Trio
    • Child Swap
    • Siblingship
    • Avuncular
    • Grandparentage
    • Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (No Sex Determination)

The above-mentioned tests can be done for legal matters also. If you want the DNA test for a legal matter, a court case for a child custody, a marital dispute, a property dispute, etc., you can go for a Legal DNA test.

For a POM DNA test in India, you can visit the lab to give your sample or collect the sample yourself at home. For a legal DNA test, a court order is required, and the sampling is done in the courtroom or in the presence of a court-appointed representative. This is called a Chain-of-Custody and is mandatory for legal DNA testing in India.

  1. When Do I Need A DNA Test?
    Understanding the purpose and the type of DNA test can give you an idea about when to go for a DNA test in India. For example, if you aren’t sure if your unborn baby is your biological child or not, you can get a Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Test (No Sex Determination) after 9 weeks of pregnancy. If you are applying for an immigration visa, you and your sponsor should get a DNA test before applying for the visa. It increases the chances of visa approval on the first try.
  2. Does it Hurt?
    The answer is ‘No.’ Generally, the DNA sample is collected using cotton swabs (buccal swabs), which collect your DNA from your cheek walls and doesn’t require any incision, puncture, etc. However, if you give a blood sample for a DNA test, an injection needle is used just like in a blood test, and you get that much sensation.
  3. Are My Personal Details Safe?
    Yes, an authentic DNA testing company like ours keeps your personal and test details confidential. The test result is only revealed to you and no one else. But, the report of a Legal DNA Test is directly sent to the judge and not the customer, for the sake of transparency and discretion of the report.
  4. Is My DNA Test Time-Bound?
    Besides considering all other factors, it is also essential to consider the urgency of your case. For example, for an Organ Transplant DNA Test or an Immigration DNA test in India & for other types of POM DNA Tests, too, time can be crucial. Here, we will provide you with the test results within 4-5 business days.
  5. What’s Included in the Cost of a DNA Test?
    Besides the basics, like sampling, kit price, reagent price, testing process, and taxes, which are all-inclusive, certain other charges may be levied on your test. For example, a legal DNA test, an immigration DNA test, and an organ Transplant DNA test, an extra sample/member in a test, and express services may cost you some extra amount.

DNA Forensics Laboratory – For Government-Approved DNA Test in India

At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we operate from our main branch in New Delhi and 400+ collection centers across India and abroad. We provide NABL-accredited test results and various accreditations for immigration cases. Furthermore, we are the only lab to offer Legal DNA tests in India. Alternatively, you can opt for a home collection facility or can order the DNA Test Kit online.

For further queries about DNA Tests in India, call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771 to schedule an appointment.

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Looking For DNA Testing Services in India? Go Through Our Checklist First Before Choosing a Lab!

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