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DNA Ancestry Test in India – Know Where You Came From!

There’s a rich history packed in every cell of your body. Within the 3 billion base pairs of your DNA lies the story of how you came into being. Every human being on earth rests on the same foundation: a four-letter genetic alphabet – A, C, G, & T representing adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. So how can that be enough to differentiate you from others and tell you about your ancestors? The human DNA is the blueprint of life because it carries the genetic information for organisms to grow, develop, survive, and reproduce. It also carries all of the instructions for life, as it is passed down from generation to generation. This is the prime reason why Ancestry Tests are gaining popularity among more and more people these days. Therein, getting a DNA Ancestry test in India offers insight into your ancestors’ incredible journey thousands of years ago!

Applications of Ancestry Test

The following are the certain applications of ancestry tests in India:

  • Identifies when & where your DNA has formed by matching the populations that came together to create a genetic line.
  • Traces back the last three migrational routes of the ancestors.
  • Pinpoint their near-exact geographical location on the world map.
  • Links to specific ethnic groups.
  • Confirms family relationships & reveals the ethnicity, admixture of them, and ancient origins.

Ancestry tests are becoming popular among people due to their ability to unravel the ancestral path of an individual. However, before getting a DNA ancestry test in India, there are a few points to consider:

  • Though an ancestry DNA test can connect to a time of some historical events, it may not necessarily prove that one is a descendant of a royal family or participated in some historical events.
  • It doesn’t reveal the languages one’s ancestors spoke.
  • It doesn’t reveal whether they were celebrated or persecuted.

DNA plays a key role in determining ancestry by finding the epigenetic changes in DNA over hundreds and thousands of years. The epigenetic changes only occur when there is a significant change in the environment, creating a unique genetic fragment in the DNA that is passed on to the next generation for survival. These changes are identified in different populations of the world. For example, the European population has unique skin color, bright hair, and a bulkier physique to decrease heat loss and store more energy to reserve food during scarcity.

Ancestry test types

Decoding Different Types of Ancestry DNA Tests

An ancestry test requires the buccal swabs made of sterile cotton to be rubbed against the cheek walls (inside) to collect epithelial cells. Then DNA is extracted from these cells & analyzed. The following are some of the specialized ancestry DNA tests, that we provide:

  • Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – It is one of India’s most commonly used ancestry testing services. It analyses the DNA passed from the father to the son. By studying the Y chromosome from the male family members, this test traces the male ancestors of the person. The procedure involved in the paternal lineage ancestry DNA test is called Y-STR analysis & determines the Y haplogroup of the person. The results of this test show the geographic location of the father’s side ancestors.

Note: Since only the males have the Y chromosome, if a female wants a Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA test, she has to give her brother’s, father’s, or any other male relative’s DNA sample along the same paternal line for the test.

  • Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed on to both – a male & a female child from the mother. This serves as the basis for the Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA test. It traces the mtDNA haplogroups & reveals the geographical location where the mother’s side of ancestors belonged to.
  • GPS Origins DNA Ancestry Test – It is one of the most advanced ancestry tests available in India. It can trace back the ancestry to a thousand years back in time & can also pinpoint the near exact geographical location on the world map where your ancestors’ DNA first came into existence. Furthermore, this test also reveals your ancestors’ last three major migrational routes.

DNA Forensics Laboratory – For an Accurate Ancestry DNA Test in India

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. (DFL) is among the leading Indian companies to provide accurate, reliable, and accredited DNA Ancestry Tests in India at competitive prices. We are pleased to serve you as one of India’s most trusted DNA testing laboratories, with an excellent track record and thousands of satisfied customers.

The following factors will help you understand why we stand out in the DNA testing industry:

  • Have local collection agents and centres across India & abroad
  • The only company to provide Legal DNA Tests in India
  • Most advanced & latest methodologies for the tests
  • Highly qualified and experienced technical staff
  • Providing NABL-accredited Organ Transplant DNA Test with Form-5
  • Multiple Sample Collection options
  • Availability of DNA test kits online
  • Fastest turnaround time within 30 business days
  • Next-Day or the Same Day reporting options (T&C Applied)

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DNA Ancestry Test in India - Know Where You Came From!

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