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How Does a DNA Test Work?

DNA is the genetic material that exists in every human body cell. The primary role of the DNA is to function as an instruction set or a manual for the body. It stores all the genetic information needed by an organism to develop, function, and reproduce. It determines our physical characteristics & traits, like the eye, hair, and skin color, height, facial features, and so on. DNA testing can serve various purposes, including the biological identification of an individual, establishing the biological (genetic) relationship between two or more individuals, and find about their ancestors’ origin and identity. You can also get a DNA test for legal cases, including marital disputes, paternity/maternity, disputes of property, and will. When it comes to pricing, DNA Testing in India is affordable and fits the pockets of common man and woman.

What Can DNA Testing Reveal?

DNA testing in India has a wide range of applications. Some of the most commonly used DNA tests in India include the following.

  • Relationship identification like paternity, maternity, siblingship, etc.
  • Ancestry testing, including ethnicity estimates, ancestors’ origin, and their migrations across the globe
  • Susceptibility to genetic disorders
  • Genetic testing for diet, weight loss, endurance level, kidney, heart, and overall health and wellness of a person


Now, when you need to undergo DNA testing, you might wonder how the process works. DNA testing is a science that requires a laboratory, specialized pieces of equipment, and experienced staff. The process behind DNA testing is as follows:

  • DNA is extracted from the sample, which is generally mouth cells, bodily fluid, like blood and semen, hairs or nails, and many other biological samples.
  • DNA is then subjected to the process of STR profiling. STRs or Short Tandem Repeats are the repeating (non-coding) DNA sequences containing 2 to 6 base pairs.
  • The STRs are then amplified using PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).
  • Following capillary electrophoresis, the resultant banding-type pattern is then obtained, which is the DNA fingerprint or the DNA profile.

In case a DNA test requires establishing the biological connection between two or more persons. Individual DNA profiling is done for each, and then their resulting DNA profiles are compared with one another to see if the DNA profiles match or not. A 99.99% inclusion means that the respective individuals are biologically related. If it’s a 0% inclusion, it signifies that they are not related.

You can get your DNA test at any testing lab in India. However, the lab or company with all the certifications, standard compliance, highest trust factor, and the best track record should be chosen. Moreover, a DNA Testing company with the highest rating in service, timely report delivery, and the highest customer satisfaction is ideal.

Types of DNA Testing Services

  1. Peace of Mind DNA Test – You can use this test in the case where you are doubtful of your biological relationship with any of your alleged relatives. A Peace of Mind DNA Test can be made for the following relationships:
    • Paternity – Identification of father-child relationships.
    • Maternity – Mother and Child relationship identification.
    • Siblingship – Establishing siblings’ biological relationship.
    • Grandparentage – Grandparents to grandchildren relationship identification (also used as a substitute for paternity or maternity testing)
  2. Immigration DNA Test – An immigration/consular officer may reject your visa application if the primary documents submitted do not prove the biological relationship. In such cases, it becomes necessary to prove the genetic relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary with an immigration DNA test. We are offering embassy-approved and 100% accurate Immigration DNA tests in India for many countries at competitive prices.
  3. Ancestry DNA Test – An ancestry test is ideal if you are interested in finding out about your long-gone forefathers. You can get these accurate and reliable Ancestry DNA Tests in India at competitive prices at DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. and get 100% accurate results. Here are the types of ancestry DNA testing services.
    • Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – This test determines the ancestral lineage from your father’s side of the family. The test analyzes the Y chromosome from the male family members to reveal the male ancestors of a person. A female cannot get this test on her own. Instead, she can ask her father, brother, or other male members of the same paternal line in the family to give their DNA samples for the test.
    • Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test – This test traces the mtDNA haplogroup and reveals the geographical location where the mother’s side of ancestors belonged to.
    • DNA Starter Ancestry Test – This test reveals the information about the contributions to your ancestors from outside of your direct paternal & maternal lines. It provides you with vital information about your genetic link with four major population groups of the world, namely – European, Indigenous American, Sub-Saharan African, and East Asian.
    • GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test – It is the most advanced type of ancestry test. It can trace back your ancestry a thousand years back in time. This test also provides essential data about your forefather’s origin and their last three major migrations.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory for DNA Testing in India?

At DNA Forensics Laboratory, we are the only company/lab providing Legal DNA tests for court cases. We have been successfully doing cases for individuals, celebrities, politicians, honorable courts of India, and various law enforcement agencies for years.

Furthermore, we are one of the best DNA testing companies offering accredited DNA test in India for various purposes. With more than 400+ collection centers in PAN India and other countries, you can easily visit your nearest collection center to give your sample and get the report on your email ID.

We keep customer confidentiality at the top priority, and absolutely no one other than you can have access to your test details.

For further queries about DNA Testing in India, contact us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771 to schedule an appointment.

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How Does a DNA Test Work?

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