DNA Immigration Test Plays a Key role in Visa Applications

In a family-based immigration petition, the beneficiary needs to submit primary documents to prove a relationship between a beneficiary and petitioner such as school records, birth certificate, and other documents. These documents are used to verify the biological relationships between claimed family. When these documents are missing or insufficient to prove relations, overseas embassies may request to get an immigration DNA test to determine the biological relationship between family members.

DNA test is the most accurate and definite technique of validating biological relationships. Hence; the Immigration Agencies frequently request petitioners to take immigration DNA test for biological relationship claims. Generally, DNA tests such as paternity, maternity, siblingship, and kinship are carried out for Visa immigration process.

The immigration DNA test is carried out through a buccal swab sample of the applicant rather than a blood sample as it is painless, non-invasive, easier to collect and ship. When buccal swabs are taken, cells are collected from the inside mouth or cheek using a long cotton swab. The accuracy of an immigration DNA test result conducted through a cheek swab sample is equivalent to the result received from a blood sample.

Many times, it happened, Immigration Agencies refuse visa (IV) application due to insufficient documents and suggest taking the DNA test to prove biological relationships. It consumes time as DNA test takes few days to display the result and then the visa (IV) approval process starts from the beginning by immigration Agencies.

But, it would be recommended if the applicant chooses to take DNA test initially without the official demand of the immigration agencies in case of insufficient documents to prove biological relationships. It helps to save the time. Many immigration attorneys suggest their clients take immigration DNA test before proceeding for visa (IV) application in a case of availability of insufficient documents.

An immigration DNA test plays an important role while processing for visa (IV) application. So, it is necessary to conduct in a well-reputed and authorized laboratory. DFL is providing accurate and reliable immigration DNA test results and these results are validated Worldwide by all Immigration Agencies such as USA, UK, European Union, Australia, Portugal, Arabian countries and rest of the world.

DFL is one of the trusted names for visa immigration DNA test in India. These test results can be used legally for immigration cases, applications and appeals. It has more than 400 collection centers across India to serve accurate and reliable DNA test results. Hence; keep in mind all the possibilities and choose your immigration DNA test partner wisely.

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DNA Immigration Test Plays a Key role in Visa Applications

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