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Paternity Testing in India – 100% Accurate DNA Test for Paternal Relationship

“Who is the father of my child?” or “who is my biological father?” are questions that often arise in plots for movies & novels. However, these applications are not limited to the silver screen only and can be done for one’s peace of mind & legal purposes also. DNA Paternity tests offer answers to these questions with scientific evidence. In today’s world, paternity testings are 99.99% accurate, and the results are usually available within a week. But, how exactly do these tests work and where can you get one? Before jumping into that, let’s take a look at our DNA.

DNA Inheritance

DNA is the foundation of all life. It is what makes each of us unique. The more scientists research it, the more we know ourselves and our world. For example, did you know that we are all far more alike than different? In fact, the DNA of any two people is 99.9% identical, with that shared blueprint guiding human development and forming a common thread worldwide. However, the 0.1% variations within our DNA influence our unique characteristics, which, when combined with our environmental & social contexts, determine different aspects of our life.

A person inherits their DNA from both parents. Half the DNA is inherited from the mother & the other half from the father. This is the base of paternity testing.

Process of Paternity Testing

Paternity DNA test in India involves a collection of a DNA sample from a child & the alleged father. The DNA samples are collected using multiple methods. The most common ways are collecting a blood sample or a buccal swab (saliva) from the mouth.

Then, DNA fragments are generated through PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) process. DNA fragments are copied billions of times in a chain reaction in PCR. This allows a large amount of DNA to be created from only a small amount of template DNA. The fragments are then labeled with fluorescent tags, which enable them to be visualized on a gel. As a result, paternity can be established with an accuracy of 99.99% if roughly half of the fragments match the child & the alleged father.

PCR has evolved into the gold standard for paternity tests & boasts a higher accuracy than RFLP. Moreover, the PCR-based method requires a relatively smaller sample of DNA than the RFLP method.

Applications of DNA Paternity Test

There are many uses of paternity testing services in India. Some of them are as follows:

  • Peace of Mind: A Paternity DNA Test is commonly done for peace of mind. This type of DNA test is ideal for people who want to know if they are the biological father of their son/daughter or vice versa. Peace of mind paternity test is done for information purposes (one’s satisfaction or peace of mind) and cannot be used as legal evidence.
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal DNA Paternity Test: A Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test* is done to establish the biological relationship between an unborn baby & the alleged father. For this test, the mother’s blood sample is taken for the fetal DNA, and the alleged father’s buccal swab sample is taken.
  • Immigration DNA Test: The immigration process often requires proof of the biological relationship between the applicant & the sponsor of the immigration.
  • Organ Transplantation Test: The Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 2014 (THOA) makes it mandatory for the living organ donor to prove his/her genetic relationship with the organ recipient. For this purpose, a Paternity DNA Test is ideal when either one of the parties is the father.
  • Legal DNA Paternity Test: A legal DNA test requires maintaining a chain of custody for the test and results to be authentic & admissible in court. For a legal paternity DNA test, the samples are collected in front of the judge or in the presence of a court-appointed representative.

DNA Forensic Laboratory – For a Reliable Paternity Testing Services

At DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., we are among the most trusted DNA testing companies to offer 100% accurate, reliable, & accredited paternity DNA tests in India.

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*No Sex Determination

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Paternity Testing in India – 100% Accurate DNA Test for Paternal Relationship

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