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DNA Test for a Property Dispute

With advancement in technology, DNA testing has become a blessing to the mankind as it solves many personal and legal cases. Apart from paternity and maternity tests, DNA testing is also used to solve property disputes.

In some cases, where the alleged father or mother is unknown or expired, paternal grandparents can be tested to decide the possibility that they are true grandparents of the child. Similarly in cases, where mother has expired, the maternal grandparents can be tested to decide weather they are true grandparents of the child.

Grandparentage DNA test is done to determine family relationships when father is not available for paternity test. The results of Grandparentage DNA testing may be used as evidence in property disputes, legal cases and cases related to property inheritance claims. Children inherit 50% of their DNA from paternal side and 50% from maternal side, paternal half should match DNA passed from the alleged grandparents.

One of the major problems in India is of property disputes. Disputes happen when family member who is the owner of the property expires and doesn’t leave any legal will for distribution of his properties between the family members. It becomes more difficult when the partner of the owner also dies. Sometimes, it becomes important to prove the credibility of a family member whom nobody has seen for years and suddenly appears to have a share in the property.

Fake documents can be created easily from ID proofs, address proofs to the birth certificates. In order to prove the credibility of a family member for a property dispute and in order to distribute the property equally between the family members, all the family members related to owner has to provide a proof of their credibility.

Paternity DNA test is used to determine father-child relationship whereas maternity DNA test is used to determine relationship between mother and the child. DNA testing ordered by court of law can be done to confirm the biological relationship between family members to prove their reliability as they share the same family genes.

DNA Forensics laboratory is one of the leading centers which provide DNA Test for property dispute in India, where same accurate process for DNA testing is used whether you are doing it for the peace of mind or legal cases. In case of legal cases like property disputes, the specimens are verified and collected by an authorized DNA Forensics Laboratory’s representative in front of honorable judge.

DNA Forensics Laboratory’s Testing Laboratory is NABL certified. We provide DNA testing services for property disputes upon approval and orders from Honorable Court of law.

For Property disputes DNA Test,  please contact us or give us a call on +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91-9213177771 to make an appointment.

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