Cell Line Authentication Test in India

Human Cell Line Authentication Services in India

The advent of new technologies, and organizations involved in the distribution of biological materials, such as cell culture lines, has made it easier to access various in vitro models. They later got developed and/or harvested from different sources. Cell lines are essential tools for biomedical research and development. Since the early 20th century, animal cell […]

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Cell Line Authentication DNA Test in India

Cell Line Authentication Service in India and it’s Importance and Usage

Cell lines are used predominantly in biomedical research. Both human and animal cell lines play an integral part in establishing the uniform model system to identify the diagnostic tools and even for functional studies. Cell Line Authentication is an essential tool used widely in different fields such as medicine, vaccine development, cell biology, genetics, toxicity […]

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Cell Line Authentication

Authenticate Cell Lines before Beginning your Research

Human and animal cell lines are widely used in basic biomedical research to establish a representative model system for functional studies and identification of diagnostic tools. Cell line authentication is an important research tool used in diverse areas such as medicine, genetics, vaccine development, cell biology, drug discovery, reconstructive medicines, screening, and toxicity testing. Each […]

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